Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome Abby Rose....

Abby Rose Pimm
and congratulations to my beautiful daughter Jessica and her husband on there new daughter.
Abby was born on Saturday 23/3/13
Yes Grace has a new little sister and don't they look cute.
I have more photos but left them at home(I'm at work) will show more latter in the week.
That makes me Grandma to 2 boys and 2 girls.....
Thanks kids......

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week end Catch up.....

I was hoping to get out to the garden last week end  and tame some roses.
But it didn't happen.

Instead after football practice Robbie proudly tells me he is one of 10 to make his team. Proudly Mum congratulates him. Then he tells me he plays this week end all day!!!!!!

Am I the only Mother that thinks glad your good at footy dam shame I have to spend the day watching you (I know bad Mum)....
O and did I mention they made the finals.....The last game started at 7pm...
grumble grumble...

Not a totally wasted day in between games I had a look around the Pretty town of Pittsworth.
Found Penny McKinlays nursery and had a nice wonder around. Got a few plants as well, now all I need is week end to plant them!!!!!!

Hope your enjoying your week soon as it is half over all ready.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Decorating...

Wednesday already.....
Or hump day.
I spent Monday dusting and fluffing around with all my Easter decorations I have been collecting.
I even found Bunny that I got for Jessica when she was a baby, now she's waiting for her own baby.sighhhhhhh.

I have picked up a nice selection of egg cups and bunnies for different vinaigrette's around my home.
It is fun to get in and decorate for different occasions isn't it?
My favorite is this crazy looking pink bunny and little pink basket I found. I put theses on my glass cake stand I got some time ago.
Even though we won't be here for Easter it is still nice to decorate.
Do you decorate for Easter?

Monday, March 4, 2013


 I have been on the Op shop hop, and having the best time and getting the best bargains.....
I have gotten lots of vintage sheets and pillow cases, that I love to dress my bed in. I know some people (like my daughters) thinks it is awful to use them but really wash them in napisan and they are clean and so much nicer than you can get today.
Today I picked up lots of little bunnies to do up a Easter display, more of that later.
This necklace is going to be my favorite for Autumn, it goes with some earrings I picked up many years ago from an op shop.

This week I picked up lots of new clothes, this shirt and another still had the price tags on them so haven't even been worn.
Jeans jeans and more jeans. I have got all of my winter wardrobe from the op shops over the last couple of weeks.
Since Christmas I have been on
HCG Protocol, well this has really worked for me and  I have lost 13kgs so far. This is why I have needed so many new cloths and I didn't want to spend a lot of money as I still have a long way to go.
Below is my favorite outfit at the moment, this dress cost $3 and I love it.

I know a lot of you out there enjoying the thrift shops as well so I know I am in good company.
Happy thrifting.........

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A river through my garden..........

Thought I would show you around my very wet garden.
We have water flowing through the retainer wall.
Down the paths.
Every pathway has turned into raging rivers, and runs to the back corner of the garden.
As you can see the water sits here in this spot.
Digging a trench so that it all flows back out. I have decided to put a pond in here and that should help with catching the water and then the over flow will flow the front and down to the dam.
We are will and truly flood bound now, and it has turned chilly a nice change from the heat.
What is the weather like where you are?

Coffee and Reading.......

Hi all
So far we have had a wet Autumn, it has rained here solid for a week now and no sign of stopping. Last night all the bridges went under again so we are stuck.
Plenty of time for reading and coffee.
As you can see unless I have a boat I ain't going any where.
I did have a great time in Charters spending time with handsome man both of them small and tall.
I have to say I have waited a longgggggggg time for this grand baby, worth waiting for I think if even he was 8 years in the waiting...hahahahaha.
Here I am with my three little cherubs, they look nothing alike at all do they, Grace looks like her Mum(daughter), Harrison looks like his Dad(SIL) and Mason looks like his Mum (DIL)
We are now waiting for baby No 4 Jess is due middle of this month, then I can say I don't think there will be any more Baby due posts for a long time.
When the rain eases up a bit I will go down to the garden that is now a river and take some photos, I may be blogging all week end not much else to
Enjoy your week end.