Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Time....

They came and now they are all gone home....
Some week ends just go way too fast, but what a wonderful weekend we had. Babies every where getting to know each other...In blue is Mason, sweet Abby and our little Harrison.
Saturday morning was started with A photo shoot by a talented friend Rachel. Boy o boy was that fun, babies all crying Gracie walking of because well she dose not like getting her photo taken.....
But the older children got family photos done and I think all the babies got single portraits as well.
Will have lots to share when we get them back.
Love this photo of Jess with the little ones, and yes we made her wait so we could get a photo.
The big boys all went up to the farm after lunch to misbehave I mean do boy things, while we girls sat around and talked and ate and cooked and ate a little more.
The new outdoor room was used all week end and loved by all. Saturday night was a time of catching up with friends old and new and before I new it they were all gone and on there way home.
Then we had Sunday which was Fathers Day a day to celebrate those Dads that are enjoying there first Fathers Day and a day to remember the Father that taught them how to be good men, husbands and Fathers.
But the week end didn't finish there as Sunday was also Bruce's birthday, so Sunday night was finished of with a birthday dinner with Bruce's children as well....
Yep the kind of week end I call memory making.....
And now
I should be cleaning but instead I'm going to see how your week end was....
Blessing to all

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, with all your family and grandchildren!