Friday, June 21, 2013

More Changes....

Below is 3 pictures all different yet all have one thing in common, can you guess what they all have in common???
Camping, Grandchildren and gardening.
I don't have enough time to enjoy them.
 Well I am about to have a lot more time to enjoy all 3 off these and so much more.

 I sold Greg's Auto Electrical Business.
After 4 long hard years running the business on my own after Greg died it is all coming to an end. 
 I have mixed emotions as I want to get out but at the same time it is losing another piece of Greg.
I am glad to be going though, in the last 4 years I have not had enough time to be there for my children, I am looking forward to being a stay at home Mum again, and so are the kids!!!!

If all goes well I will be out by mid July.....So blogging will be last on the list while I am getting organized.
Wish me luck


Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Week end.

 I have had a busy week end here, long week ends do that if your not going away.
Saturday in between Soccer and football I spent baking up a storm, cakes biscuits and sour dough bread.
Sunday I tried a new bread recipe and was really happy with it, simple but good.
6 cups P flour,
4 teaspoons yeast
pinch salt
Tablespoon of bread improver
teaspoon sugar
dash good olive oil
Mix all together and add tepid  water until a nice sticky dough has formed.
Need for 15 min.
I put mine in the mix master and used my dough hook.
From this recipe I got a loaf of bread and 12 bread rolls above is the loaf and two rolls.
We  had them with pumpkin and cauliflower soup yummmmmo

I also bottled my first batch of Ginger beer. I'll let you know in 10 ten days how it turned out, good I hope.
My Mother in law has been here all week end and has been busy knitting me some dish clothes, and face washers. She is like a knitting machine, my supply is done again for awhile.

Today I finally got around to making the bunting for Harrison's room. I will show photos of it up later as he was sleeping when I took it over.

 How did you spend your long, wet week end????

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On Thursday the 30th this beautiful amazing girl turned 21.
IN Las Vegas...
Yep what a way to spend your 21st.
Alanah even though we didn't spend it together I know you had an amazing day. I love you and miss you so very much.
Alanah is in the middle of a trip around the Bahamas now, boy that girl knows how to travel. Pity she didn't update her blog more often so we can all see the sights with her.

Kids no matter how old they get or where they are they are a part of you aren't they. I'm feeling rather old what with Alanah turning 21 and then in April my youngest daughter Cassie turned 17 sigh. Glad I still have 2 little boys to keep me exhausted I mean young.
Cassie isn't a bad cook either as Saturday morning she brought us breakfast in bed. My fave scrambled egg, I'm a simple kind of girl.

The rest of the week end I was kept busy though, later in the day we got new members of the family....sheep. I haven't got a photo yet as every time I go down the farm I forget my camera...

Then I made some mozzarella cheese which turned out really well. I have also been experimenting with the sour dough bread... So much easier to make and quick as well. I make a loaf every day now. I will do a post on it later in the week with how I make it....Lunch was all home made, tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage from the garden. Home made sour dough bread, home made mozzarella cheese and the chutney in the back ground is choko chutney that my friend made and surprise, surprise, it was really nice. Who would have thought Chokos.
Monday being my day off from work a couple of my friends have been coming around and I've been teaching  them to make soap. Yesterday we made Goats milk soap, it was a little bit fiddly but worth the effort I think. We have to wait 6 weeks though to see just how well it turns out.
I'll let you know, has any one else had a go making soap from goats milk????
Have a great week all