Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hi all
What has been happening in your part of the world?

On the week end I had my best friends daughters wedding, it was on there farm 
over looking the dam. A perfect spot for a wedding, and the day was perfect also.

We have been keeping quiet around here mostly doing odd jobs.
Lots of plants getting planted out and pruning getting done.
Bruce, Robbie and William have been busy getting the last of the fencing done.
It is good to get all of the jobs done before summer and the heat set in.

I am heading out to Jessica for a few days to spend with her and the girls
which will be good....

Enjoy your day



  1. Mandy, enjoy your time with Jessica. The weather is certainly warming up. I have been having a look at some of the gardens around town as they are quite beautiful at the moment and will be lovely for the Carnival.

  2. Goodness Mandy, getting married in front of a dam must be the in thing for country girls. Check my post in Events - March 7. My niece did the same thing. Gorgeous. Her sister just got married by candlelight on a station in the middle of nowhere. The dad giving them away, is the senior pastor at CRC in Narrandera that has a perfectly good restored old theatre for a church. I guess thats just same same.

  3. Gorgeous! I love weddings like this :)