Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Christmas Round up....

Well Christmas has been and gone for another year.
Lots of presents were had by all.
We had a very quiet Christmas this year as most of the family were away with there in-laws.
I am still having trouble with blogger.
It is adding all the photos in some weird format that I don't understand.Also not letting me write between the
photos. Has any one else had this problem at all. Makes blogging hard when you can't see the photos.....

I have used the quietness of Christmas to learn to crochet and do lots of sewing. I have made a few differant pillows, my faverite is the trees.

Enjoy your new years eve.
We are staying home and then going for a drive New Years Day.

Blessings to all


  1. Or when the pictures bear no relation to the words. I've had that problem too. Very frustrating. Glad to hear Christmas was lovely - have a happy new year Mandy. See you at the next Toowoomba group meeting.

    1. No spell check either hahaha I'm really going to have to check before I hit the publish button. See you then.

  2. Mandy, I haven't had that problem with Blogger but have had other ones at times. I just got home from helping my girl with her new bub so am doing some blog catching up. Glad you had a happy Christmas. I will be snoring when the clock hits midnight tonight!

    1. And what a beautiful baby you have as well....glad to see.

  3. Happy to hear Christmas went well and was nice and quiet.Moranbah was HOT as expected, thank goodness for the aircon !
    Congratulations on opening the new shop, will have to come down for a visit.
    The sewing looks interesting, I managed to finish knitting a plaited cable cushion cover in soft cotton, for mydaughter, she loves it.
    So happy to hear you have started crocheting, it is so quick and fun and there are sooooo many wonderful patterns about, checkout "Lion Brand Yarns" for lots of free patterns, also thre is a site called The patchwork heart, that has beautiful patterns that are not same old, same old, but interesting and creative.

    1. There is another blog site called Attic 24 which has some awesome pics for inspiration with crochet patterns.