Friday, June 20, 2014

Around the Farm.

                     This week I have been laid up at home after my procedure on my
leg...The good news is I got the all clear on my nose
so there will be no botox....which is just as well as I hate needles.

So I have been doing some cooking and fluffing around the house, funny
thing is when your told to stay still for a few days all I want to do is get up and do things.

These are super easy biscuits to make
2 cups almond meal
1 cup rapidura sugar 
2 eggs
bind all together and roll in wet hands so the mixture doesn't stick and
cook in a mod oven for 10-15 mins...
WARNING do eat the mixture before cooked as it tastes soooooo
good there will be none left....

Almond meal is quiet expensive so I buy the almonds and grind them up
in my thermomix.
I also use this mixture as a tart base with apples laid on top sprinkled with
cinnamon and sugar. yummo 
I got these recipes from Tania Hubbards book Gluten free Grain free. 
Her recipes are so quick and easy go and check her site out.
I have turned these into jam drops, tarts, choc chip bics, ginger snaps what ever you want.

News Around the Farm.

I have 3 new Araucana chooks, these little sweeties lay blue eggs.

Below you can see the difference in the eggs,brown, white and blue, they are a true blue colour aren't they pretty? and yes they taste the same and no the egg is not blue....True I have been asked that!!!
I have found that these girls a very flighty so I have had to keep them in a smaller
pen for now, I'm not sure if it is there nature or they need taming a little more.

My other exciting news is we have had our first lambs slaughtered...
Our first farm fresh meat.

We got both lambs done, there is a lot of roasts and chops some stewing meat as well.
Molly was on hand to help, she sat there the whole time watching me pack the meat up.
The only time she moved was when I put it into the baskets to take down to the freezer..

Other exciting news is next Tuesday I am flying to Melbourne for a few
days with my Mum and Alanah for a girly time.
I have never been to Melbourne so am so excited and looking forward to it.
Now if any one has any tips for where to go while we are there let me know.
 Have a great week end

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What about some botox????

Hello All
We are enjoying another Sunny perfect winters day here. I thought I would 
start my day out with a cuppa in the garden before I headed into the doctors. Enjoying sitting in the sun
I saw it......Hair and I do mean hair every where honestly my legs looked like they belonged to some one else, some one very hairy.

Straight to the bathroom and out comes the Emjoy that torturous device that pulls every hair out one at a time. This had to be done as I was going to the docs to get a skin check and there is a spot on my leg that needed checking so I have to get rid of the hair for him to see it.
Things are  getting harder to do for this 48 yr old I'm telling I am trying to balance on one leg while getting close enough to my other leg to get all the hairs(which I can't see real well any way) then my  glasses start to  slowly slip down my nose. OK balancing on one leg holding on to glasses trying to get all the dam hairs....I'm going back to shaving......Shaving.....better shave the armpits too I suppose.
Is it just me or do I  spend more time looking good for the doctor than my husband???

And because I'm getting a skin check I can't wear makeup and with this
nose I need lots of make up...feel free to turn away from this scary photo...what about the 
poor doctor that had to get close, which I am glad I went to the trouble to remove all hair as this was 
a very cute doctor...hahaha

 The skin check went OK have to get another nasty of my 
nose which won't do it any favors, thinking that this time when I go to the cosmetic surgeon
I might just get a few other tings done.....not much, new nose, nip and tuck, bit off botox in the lips, 
you know general maintenance stuff...

Hey  a girl can dream can't she...

Meanwhile in the real world I have house work to get done.
Enjoy your day....

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week end...

How is your weekend going so far?
Friday saw William home from school with a tummy bug when I rang the school there where a few away so something was going around.
As I had made chicken pie for Tea Thursday night I had a nice chicken stock sitting in the fridge.
I made William a nice batch of chicken soup and he liked it!!!

 Meanwhile the chicken pie was left in the oven a little to long.....
Still tasted good though.

Saturday saw me blending up a lot off tomatoes. I decided to try something different this time. As I still have a good stockpile of tomato sauce and pasta sauces in the pantry I thought I would try freezing tomato sauce. All I did was blend up the uncooked tomatoes, basil, oregano and garlic in the thermomix and then put the sauce into stackable containers. My plan is I can then use the mix as base for soup or pasta sauce. At the moment I have plenty of freezer space so this works well.

Saturday evening we lit up the big pile of palm tree waste and had our selves a good ole fashioned bon fire. We had a great night with family and friends.

This morning it was all looking much cleaner.

In this photo below you can see to the right how big the pile was. It was a real eye sore and needed to be cleaned up.

Today I am having a day of nothing which includes a little reading, a little knitting may also be fitted in.

Enjoy your Sunday