Friday, April 17, 2015

Going Bananas

I am so very excited as we have picked our first bunch of bananas.....
We have been freezing them for smoothies making cakes and just enjoying the taste of our first bananas.

I remember last year when they were hit by the frost and I thought we were never going to do any good out of them...
We have 4 more bunches to pick yet, so exciting.

Now look at them they are doing amazing.

The fact that they are between the chicken pen and shed helps a lot.
The girls love to forage through the trees as it is always so cool down here.
I never give the bananas any extra water now they are established, just the bit of rain we get does them.
Yes I am very proud of my bananas.....

But it's not all about bananas around here.

On Sunday Mum and I went to the Felton Food Festival...

We got to see Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia, such a funny guy to listen too.

Mum and I had some great beer and Turkish for lunch yummo!!!!!
It was a perfect day with great weather....

Today Harry gets his plaster of his little leg, so that is good news for him and his Mum & Dad...

Thought I would leave you with a pic of this little clown. hahahaha

Have a great week end....



  1. Mandy, we had bananas a few years ago. Must have been a frost free winter. Barb said she saw you at Felton. I had planned to go but got the date wrong. Costa would have been interesting to listen to. He is a character.

    1. Yes I did see Barb....Lots of people out there, don't you hate it when you plan to go to something and then have the wrong date...

  2. Mandy, those bananas sure are whoppers. I bet they will taste fabulous too. Love Harry's purple curls.

    1. I know and trying to walk while wearing it was funny.
      The bananas were the best I've ever eaten ;)

  3. The thought of growing your own bananas would be nirvana. Well done you for hanging in there. I think he's a genuine funny guy but his beard annoys me no end - i cant get past it. I like to see people's faces.

    1. Gotta say I love beards.....But I don't think I could handle Bruce with one that bushy..

  4. The bananas look great, I had 3 bunches this year but the flying foxes got into the first 2, so I wasn't game to eat any, I am still waiting for the third bunch to get big enough to eat , then I will chop them all down again except for the new little trees.
    I am sure Harry will be a whirlwind for a while until the novelty of having no cast wears frustrating for a little boy to be restricted like that.