Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New Baby a Party and aLong week end....

We had a long week end and managed to cram a lot in....

Introducing Henry Cameron Pimm
A little Brother for Grace and Abby and son for Jess and Lachlan.
Henry was born on thursday 1st October......

On Saturday Jess was at a wedding that Lach was a groomsman in and on Sunday she was here at home for our Party.

(I will get in trouble for that pic I'm sure lol)

All the work Bruce has been doing on the shed was for a good reason......We had our joint 50th Birthday on Sunday....

It is now known as the party shed......

The old stage that has always been used to store junk on was put to use as a stage for the live music...

It was such a good week end and even beter to have all my family home.....All 7 Children and now all 7 grandchildren....3 out of 4 of Bruces kids were home as well.....Makes for a large family....

OK Photo over load I know, but how can I not......Look at my Handsome sons, beatuiful granddaughters.....
The last one is The food station hahaha.....Food is important at a Storey Party.

OK one more of these cheeky boys....

Have a blessed week.


  1. Happy 50 to you both. Such a beautiful family, you are blessed.

  2. Happy birthday, Mandy. Goodness me ... those kids have grown up!

  3. Happy 50th Birthday to you both. Wonderful time had by all.

  4. Happy Birthday to you both, what a wonderful way to celebrate all the special things in your life at the moment.

  5. Happy 50th to you both xx. So many grandies, lucky lady! What a beautiful family! :)

  6. What a wonderful celebration and a great time to gather families together, and yours is very large and growing all the time lol!

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both on your 50th's.