Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lets talk Pantry's...

 no this is not my pantry, I wish...


What about this one.
Look at the abundance in this pantry or more like a larder.... WOW...
I wonder what there veggie garden must look like.

Unfortunately my  pantry isn't Pinterest worthy...
It is a hard working room.
Starting with the door which is a black board to write lists on...

Not having a  lot of storage in our house this is the main 
store room.

The top shelf that runs all around the room is used for those items that don't get a lot of use.
Egg cartons, Christmas dinner sets, flasks etc.

All my empty jars are kept in here as well.

There is a sink in here and we also keep a small freezer, dishwasher and fridge in our pantry.
This bench is where I make the lunches and prepare salads as it is close to the fridge.

My pantry is the most used and visited room in the house....
So it was nice to get in and clean the shelves and sort it out.

Not as clean as this one, I wonder if it really looks like this.

 And this one! I can't even see any food in it....

We do have a large pantry, I guess that comes with buying a very old farm house.
I do love my pantry and am thank full for it as many don't have a room like this to hide every thing away in.

Do you have a pantry? 
Is it a hard working room or a food cupboard in your kitchen...

Have a great week 


  1. No pantry here, Mandy..just cupboards. You are fortunate to have one...Pinterest worthy or not ;-)

  2. You are such a lucky girl. I open the door of my pantry and can take one step in. This makes it a "walk in pantry" NOT. The old farm house i grew up in had several purpose rooms for food including a meat safe and a veggie cool room. There was also a dry room for grains and flour etc. So practical.

  3. Oh yes, those other pantries are drool worthy but you are lucky to have one, they are so handy in a family home, as you point out a lot of work gets done in such a space.
    I was reading last week about what a diffetence a "Daylight" lightbulb makes, it might be worth a try, I am going to get one for my craft room which is a bit dingy on the days when the blind and curtain arevshut to keep out the heat on the Western side of the house, fingers crossed it works!

  4. True words...a hard working room. Sometimes called by the posh name of Butlers Pantry! :)