Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Back Monday

I have been up in the Dairy scrap booking and came down to find this........
Some one left the gate open and the cows were just starting to come out to the green grass, but it was all good as Guss the cow goose was making sure that they were behaving.
Glad I came out when I did as they were all on there way to the gate, how they new it was open I don't know..

The gardens are looking so lovely out the front with the mulch on and a good water they have just taken of.
We never got any rain yesterday, just false hopes. We will need some soon as the grass in the paddocks is starting to dry off.

I am of to Roma tomorrow with the 4 youngest children, we are going to see Jessica our eldest daughter. Jess moved out to Roma in July and we haven't been out to see her place yet.
She has been home a few times though.. Hubby isn't coming as we have 2 fellows away on holidays so he is having to work weekends as well. Chloe will be home to look after him though so they will have a good time together just the 2 of them.

I will be back on Monday after-noon. It takes about 4 hours to drive to Roma, but we will take our time as Jess doesn't finish work till 4 o'clock.

The dry creek bed is coming along nicely, I am really excited about this project as we have taken an ugly part of the garden and are making a real feature out of it. I have plenty of plants potted up waiting to go into this area.

We have had a great first week of the school holidays, haven't done much, every-one has been happy just to be home relaxing and doing their own thing, all looking forward to seeing big sister though......
Be back after the week-end. hope you all have a great week-end....


  1. great blog, lov the creek bed
    & Guss the cow Goose

  2. My favourite breed of cows, the ones I grew up with. They look very healthy and nice.

    The creek bed is beautiful, it would be very nice to have in the yard.

    Our son is four hours away too. I hope you have a lovely time.