Sunday, June 17, 2018

Winter time.....

Well it's that time of the year when the stove is lit and keeping us warm....

Something about Winter makes me all homely and content to stay indoors baking.

I have my sour dough up and going and baking bread every day is a job I love....
So do my hips!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heading out to visit my girls after work today and will be taking my sour dough with me...
Really can't trust the boys to feed it.

This photo is all about love.
Cousin love 
Friend love
and Grandma loves it..

 Every morning I enjoy a cuppa with the crazies on the farm....
These 2 aren't sure what the are.
but surely not chooks, so we won't tell them.
They roost at the top of the orange tree every night, chickens are rain forest animals.
So apparently trees are where they feel safe. I can not keep these two in the hen house so the yard is there domain.

I hope you are enjoying the slower rhythm of winter, and enjoying the
cold nights by the fire.

Monday, April 9, 2018


I'm sure every blog starts the same....It's been awhile since I was on here....
Hahahaha true though...

This Easter 
Bruce, Robbie, Will and myself drove over night up to Charters Towers
to see No 1 son....We got there in time for Breakfast Good Friday...

Had a wonderful time having all 3 sons together, this is something that I love and never happens near enough..
Phoebe and Mason are growing up so fast, and I had lots of granny time with them.
My little Mason is the most lovable affectionate little boy, he always is giving me cuddles and I miss them already.

This one is the spitting image of her Dad..And only has eyes for her Dad as
well....So much fun to be able to spend time loving on grandchildren isn't it...

Maddy turned 1 in March

I still call her our Miracle baby, not a day goes by when
I am not thankful for how perfect she is.
God is good.

And in exciting news
I got a new car....The kids nearly had a fit when i got it
and still tease me about it....This is not a people mover its a furniture mover hahaha.
With The Old Dairy shop jumping ahead in leaps and bounds I needed a bigger vehicle to fit
more in....It will get its first real road test this week as hopefully we are heading down to Tenterfield.

The gardens are looking lovely though dry, Bruce put a little tank on
the cubby to catch more rain water. It is so cute looks like it's always been there.

The Elder flowers are doing so well, can't wait to make elder flower cordial next summer.
And wine too..

Until next time...


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

Wow 2017 is nearly gone.....

Christmas has been and gone, the children have all packed up and gone..
We had a wonderful Christmas, wish I had more photos to share but I was having too much fun and forgot to take many photos. I know my girls took heaps so I will have to wait until they send them too me.

It was so lovely to have all my children and grandchildren here together for the first time in a very long time.

The outdoor bathroom got a real work out and is now a great addition to the farm here.
As you can see the tub fits 7!

Christmas day was very hot so lunch was set up inside.
23 adults
and 11 children

Now the house is too quiet with every one gone...
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with family and friends.....


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Welcome Billy.........

This day last month I was on the road to go and be with
Cassie who was due to have her first baby..
Time flies

We welcomed William Reginald Robinson(Billy)
7lb 14oz on the 5/10/17 

Very proud and very tired parents.

William is a family name on Ben's side, we also have our William.
So Billy it will be.

Billy is number 11 grandchild...
Yep proud Grandma here....

Cassie is very lucky to have her eldest sister living only 45mins up the road.
So I also got to hang out with these ratbags while there....which was crazy and a delight.

 Grace turned 6 while I was there and I got to go to see 
her at school. Grace is my eldest grandchild Wow these kids have been busy
in the last 6 years.

October came and went in a blur what with going in and out to Cassie's, this month will
be much quieter I think...Lots of time in the garden and looking forward to all being together at Christmas...

Have a blessed week

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Around the house....

We have been busy catching up on odd jobs around the house.
This area between the tank and house is where we decided to keep the wood.

Cleaver husband made a gate under the house so the wood can be stored out of the weather and out of site, yet close for us to bring in.
Bruce hung some old stove doors on the house as this is the stove recess after all...and when
the gate is closed you wouldn't even know the wood is under there.

Bruce has also put irrigation to all the fruit trees, as this year with not much rain we
didn't get a very good crop of anything...
I just have to get in and mulch them all. It is so dry that we are spending a bit of money this year on mulch so we don't have to water as much.
Lots of work but worth  it in the end.

The geese do a good job of keeping it clean but they don't seem to like the marshmallow weed and it is a bitch to pull out...

A old bed we got from Chloe is starting to look nice now that the flowers are all coming out.
A play on Garden bed..

Mulch mulch and more mulch.

I have planted some grasses along the front of the clothes line deck to soften the edges
and pretty it up a bit. They will grow quite large and make a nice little spot for the birds to hide in.

Also been making some garden art....A large Angel.
Not a good pic sorry

Well it has certainly warmed up here now, Spring is here...

The vege garden has been planted up and seedlings on the go in the green house.
I will share that another time.....

Enjoy your week.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baby Shower....

This past Saturday we had Cassie's Baby Shower.

The amazing rainbow cake was made by one of her oldest school friends Jordan.
The party was a rainbow theme as this baby is a rainbow baby.
I had never heard of this until Cassie told me a rainbow baby is a baby you have when you have lost one before.

Her sisters did a great job of the party for her.
Jess was in from Surat Alanah from Dalby and Cassie from Glen Morgan.
Chloe didn't have to go far at all, just down the road haha

Below is Bruce's Daughters
Emma & Kayleigh

DIL Rachael on the left and Robbie's girlfriend Emma.
The only girls missing in the family was Karen and Phoebe.. 

Lots of friends came as well, and games were played.

Lots of presents to open. I think Cassie now has every thing she needs 
for bub...

We do love a good party here in the Storey household.

 With all my daughters home that ment Grandchildren.

Yep 8 out of 10 were here.
We missed Mason and Phoebe.

Grace & Abby thought Maddy was there own doll to play with.

Trying to get a photo was fun hahah.

Love this photo of Charlies face.

Uncle Will was worn out looking after his nieces and nephews...

See the crazy girl in the background.

Just loves a chance to show off that baby bump...

What a full on weekend...
The house is now cleaned but I am finding toys in some weird spots..
Christmas time and they will all be home again, plus a new little one....

Love having time to all hang out together....

How was your weekend spent?