Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hello and welcome.
I thought it was time for a catch up with what we have been doing...

We have been busy having a good clean up in the sheds. It is a good place to stay dry and warm yet still be productive. This area I have cleaned up to make into a studio for myself. A beautiful sunny spot looking out to the vege garden. I have put the till in here to remind me of the days it was our shop..

The succulents are loving the sun and dry from the rain as well.
I do share the space with William but I am not going to show you that side..It is his hobby room as well and his hobby is gel guns...say no more he is a boy...

After all that cleaning we deceided we better have a garage sale, we had that last weekend.
I still had so much left from the shop....Yarn O my so much yarn, any way 
now we have nice clean sheds..

Such a great entertaining area with our size family. 

Still hard to believe this was our shop, and yes I do still miss it, but times change and move on.

Even with the cold weather there is new life on the farm,

We have twins Dick and Dora
Bruce thought they were great names hahaha
We lost 1 lamb due to the cold while we were out at Cassie's which is such a shame and so sad.

 We have so much happening in the vege garden as well.

Our first tomatoes are coming along nicely...

Zucchinis have kept us going all winter, along with the carrots and beetroot.

Despite the winds and frosts and cold the vege garden has done so well...
I will have to do a post just on the vege garden next time...

Until then
Keep warm


Monday, July 5, 2021

Busy..What is it ???


A word I hear way too much,,,,Every one is always busy these days...
I know I seem to be...

Busy cleaning the house...

Busy washing, ironing..

                                         Then there is the airbnb, more washing, cleaning...

Mowing, weeding, planting, pruning.
All these  jobs are jobs that need to be done. 
Then I have my real job 3 days a week..

May-be I am just getting older and things take so much longer to do!!!!
I think that's it as I am not really doing any more than I have done in the last 11 years...In fact with 6 out of 7 children gone their is less work really...

So I might just sit here in the  sunny glasshouse
 on this fine winter day and enjoy a cup of coffee and think about all I have to do..

Things like not being so busy, making time for friends and family...

Learning a new skill, breaking out the sewing machine.
One thing I would love to do is pottery, I did a course a few years ago when I sold the workshop.
I really would love to do more, maybe even have a go at free hand pottery...
Below are the pieces i made at that pottery class...Yep really need to practice..hahahah

What is something you would love to do more off.....



Thursday, July 1, 2021

Welcome Stella May....

Welcome to the world 
my darling....

My baby girl has had a baby girl.

Needless to say we are very smitten...
Stella is our 16th grandchild and 9th grand daughter.

MacGregor and Billy are not to sure about this pink little bundle,
They wanted to put her in the back of their buggy to give her a ride..


 But they are happy to hold and kiss and cuddle her.

Going from 2 to 3 is a biggie but if anyone can handle it Cassie can.

 One more pic because I can...



Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Hello and welcome..

This morning we woke up to a storm, now the sun is out
and the garden is looking so clean and fresh and well watered.

Yesterday we got in and planted our onions.
This area is outside of the house yard and we planted onions here for the first time last year and they did amazing. So this time we are planting heaps more. The seedlings we raised have done well.
The shade house in the back ground had the ornamental grape vine pulled off it so it is able to get more winter sun now.

Today I will be picking beetroot as there is some ready, we will have some roasted for dinner and i will make beetroot relish with some. Beetroot is something I have growing here all year round as we love it fresh. The brassica's take up a lot of room and every year I say I won't plant any but I always do hahaha. Living in the Lockyer Valley we have access to plenty from the farms around here.

Broad beans are growing well and I will have to trellis them soon I think. Behind in the raised bed is our spinach and silver beet which we eat a lot of as well.

Below are the carrots that we have just started to harvest as well. This is another crop I am able to sow all rear round...

We also have a lot of arches for growing on. This one is snow peas that are starting to climb.

The ones below have climbing beans and peas. Last summer I grew my cucumbers on them and it helps to shade the gardens beneath.

Mustard, bok choy and another row of beets... For our salads we have a leafy green mix that consists of
Lettuce,mustard,kale,spinach and nasturtiums to name a few.

I hope you are all enjoying your week where ever you are. 
I am enjoying being back here blogging and catching up with every one...

 Have a blessed week

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Home Day.....

I love my home days...Any one else????

I was supposed to work today so it was such a blessing I didn't have to, so
instead I caught up on odd jobs around the place.

Bread was made..

Laundry liquid was made.

I had run out so had to make it before I could do the washing...
My recipe is very simple.
10 litres water
1 cup grated soap
1/2 cup of washing soda
peppermint oil

If you like a powder you can omit the water and blend all together to make a laundry powder.

Then I was able to do the washing.

Next on the list was the airbnb...
It also needed the sheets washed, and a good clean ready for our next guests.

Below is the bathroom for the airbnb...

I got the rest of the seedlings in the vege garden and also planted 
out the salvias I have had to plant out. The green house in empty now 
except for the onions that will get planted on the week end..

I also went up to our local hall and got the little book lending area nice and
clean and into some order...
The little boys thought is was great playing on the play ground, they think it is the
local park, which I spose it is....

The day ended with a fire and some down time, my favorite time....

Tomorrow it is a work day
I only work Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoon and
all day Friday at our little local post office.
I love it in there and really enjoy my job and the hours are perfect as I can still get so much done at home. I do work a lot of extra hours some times as I was going to this week but glad I did't have to ....

Sunday, June 6, 2021


We have a very full and noisy house here at the moment.
Double trouble..

Cassie is about to have baby No3
Because the live so far away Cassie and the little boys are here until baby is born.
Poor Daddy has to work and travel in on week ends.
Needless to say they are missing their daddy very much, but Grandma and Brucie are 
trying to fill in as best they can.

This is Billy
So innocent looking here but boy O boy giving
me a run for my money..

Don"t let that face fool you
He is a two year old....

It is so lovely having them here though.
Spending time making memories and watching them play in the garden.

The boys built the fire on the hill today, this is a new tradition.We sit
up here in the afternoon with the fire going.

They have also discovered the orchard.
The boys are real fruit eaters and enjoying picking and collecting the fruit.

They have discovered they  love star fruit .

A walk through the veg garden to see what needs to be picked 
for dinner each day.

So yes life here is loud and  messy but O seeing things
through little boys eyes all over again 
is a blessing and wonderful thing.

I tell my self this each evening as I poor a wine and clean up cyclone 
Robinson Boys...