Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bush Walking

I have been bush walking this morning.......

Our craft ladies decided that we would go for a walk today in one of our ladies property. They set this rain forest area up about 10 years ago as a walking track.......WOW........ I never realized how wonderful this place is. There are LARGE king orchids every where, I have never seen them so big.

Here are some of us standing in a 'Morton bay fig' the root system on this tree goes for about 150 meters along the creek bank. We counted about 10 of these monster trees on our walk which took as about 2 1/2 hours.

This one would have made a good home for us if we got lost.........
We found these snail shells every where on the track. I put one on this mossy rock it looks fake it is so perfect, there where 100s of these.

The stag horns and elk horns are so big. It is amazing that this walk is only a 10 minute drive from my house and I have never been there. I some times think think that we go away on holidays and don't take the time to look around the community where we live.

The birds nest ferns were growing on rocks, trees and in the ground.
Neville has had a botanist out to this rain forest and he identified 150 different types off plants. I wonder what a bird watcher would find? As there was many different birds.

here is a king orchid growing on a rock...

This pretty little flower was growing all through the creek bed no one new the name of it. I saw three different types of salvias in the creek as well. They may have been washed down in the water or birds dropping seeds.

The vines were every where it was a great walk and i will being going again and taking others with me. This is the only original rain forest left in this area. Their has never been a fire through there, so it was easy to see what our land would have looked like 200 hundred years ago.

May be there is some thing in the area where you live that you have never seen? I encourage you to go and have a look it is a part of your community..........

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