Friday, September 12, 2008


Just a quick post today as it is a busy day..

My dear Mother In-law is going home to day and we needed to get lots in town. Now when I go to town I'm in and out. But as MIL doesn't get there often she was out for a look..........

This is how I did my weekly menu plan this week. I asked every family member what they wanted for tea this week and presto.............a week full of meals. See big families are good. O.K O.K this my be cheating but i did say I 'm busy today....

All the grocery shopping is done MIL is safe at home and now I have to go back to Toowoomba to do my bits and pieces as MIL was getting tired.

I hope you all have great planes for the week-end, I'll be getting that vege patch up and going on Saturday.

Have a good one


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  1. Yes I agree, sometimes picking their brain can be like instant help, it is hard to describe.

    I hope you have a nice restful evening.

    I keep forgetting what we are doing, dangerous I know. There is a gymnastics concert and two parties to attend for the girls I think.