Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots ToDo

This morning I woke up remembering muscles that I for got were there. My goodness I don't remember the walk yesterday being that difficult. There was a lot of climbing up and down rocks................
I do a lot of walking but on the flat so may be I should go up the mountain once a week to use different muscles..sounds good in theory any way.

Now to you this may be just a picture of a bed room!!!!!!!!!I see a clean bed room and look a floor! been a while since we saw that. Boys are to busy to worry about taking time to clean there rooms, but every now and then I have a spak attack at them and they listen..Then Mummy is happy again.......
I had to get some soap made today I should have done it a week ago. I want to get a good supply made to use as Christmas presents this year, as well as having plenty for us to use. I put some eucalyptus and ceder wood essential oil in this batch. It is the first time I have scented my soap so we'll see how it goes.

If you go to Rhonda Jeans blog at down-to-earth she has an excellent tutorial. Her blog is in the side bar...
One thing about having a big family is there is always plenty of washing to do. There is a good breeze blowing today so the washing will be dry in no time. Got all the folding done and put away makes the laundry so much cleaner when the clothes are all away.

While I was out hanging the washing on the line a noticed the pool needed a good clean.....School holidays start next week and the children will want to be swimming. Even though it will be to cold but I have found that it is easier to let them get in and find this out for themselves, cause really, what do I know lol.

After giving the pool a good vacuum I found the filter was not working that well. I think it needs new sand in it, I rang around for the best price. $ 15 for a 20k.g bag and I need 60 k.g, I was pleased with that as I got $ 40 for doing some child minding on Monday so I only need to put $5 towards it.....

After finishing the pool I went down to see how the handy man was getting along with the new project........This is the back fence line and we have to keep a drain around the shed so that it doesn't flood. Well I had a great idea!!!!!!1

To turn the drain into a dry creek.....It is a real eye sore as is. So my handy man has been bringing these rocks down from the paddocks and building me a creek. Once it is all lined with smaller stones (a good job for the boys through the school holidays) it is going to look just like a creek
The above photo is the back of the choock pen. This is where I want to plant my loofah vine when I find one. This is the last area to clean up and plant. It is a hot area as it gets the sun most of the day, I'm yet to work out what I'm going to plant here. Any ideas...............

I'm of to get the mowing done now , well at least make a start on it, as it takes me 4 hours to mow my weeds I mean lawn, good exercise though and no one annoys me so I find mowing very peace full..............


  1. WOW!! what a busy Girl..hope you had time for a cuppa at least...I think you deserve some Sewing Time very soon.

  2. I have lived on a hill for four years, and it is great to walk up hills, I didn't realise. You get over disliking it after awhile.

    Your dry creek reminds me of Nara Park in Lennox Gardens in Canberra. So Japanese things. There is a ground cover tree, not sure if you have to worry about snakes.

  3. Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for visiting me on my blog today! I love getting new people to visit and learning about their lives. I find that people who once were strangers become fast friends.

    I enjoyed reading about your day. I have never made soap but my grandmother did when she was alive but her soap was made with lye. Maybe yours is also.

    I promise to come back and read some more of your blog but today, I don't have much time before supper and I need to get a prayer list done for tomorrow's prayer meeting.

    The ladies in our church meet for prayer and I head it up so am responsible to keep the prayer list up to date.

    Maybe tomorrow afternoon, I can come back and find out a little more about you and your family.

    I appreciated your comment on my site and hope you will come back and visit me, too!


    PS I am having a giveaway so be sure to let me know if you want to be included. You have until Monday at 11 PM EST to sign up.

  4. Kids don't seem to feel the cold. My daughter will get her swimming costume on and be in the sea even if it is perishing cold and raining to boot!

  5. The food magazine looks good. I love to visit the Taste website.

    Because I love your blog I have awarded you an award. Please come by my blog to see it.

  6. I found the creek bed picture of the park.