Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Back


WOW! What a place!!!!!!!!

I have had the most amazing time ever, I have seen and done things that I thought I would never get to see.
On Tuesday Bronwyn and I went snorkeling, from the moment I got into the water I was hooked.

The colours are amazing!!!!!!!! the photo below is a professional one so you can get an Idea of the colours. All the rest are taken by Bronwyn or my self, we hired an under water camera best thing we did.

The fish are so beautiful. The Coral!!!! I find it hard to put the beauty I saw into words.
The way God created the reef is a work of art,but I think it is even more than that.
I felt that God had made the colours and shapes of the ocean as an expression of his love for as. To be able to just go and swim and see you can't help but feel loved.

This was a clam check out the blue in that baby!!

This fish was so big and friendly and swam below me.He is called a Parrot fish, and was the most amazing blue I ever saw.

I saw Nemo lots and lots of nemos (clown fish) they were hiding in this big Coral covered in anenomes this was the most exciting thing for me as I am sorry to say NEMO IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE.......

There will be lots more photos in the comming week, I just wanted to share a few and say HELLO.
Have a great week-end.

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  1. HI Mandy...WOW your pics are Amazing & You look good in snorkel & wettie too.Sounds like you had a Great trip...well done!!