Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Last Of Cairns

What a busy day today here it is 8.20p.m and I'm just getting my blog out for the day. We had our local craft morning this morning. I always enjoy getting together with the other ladies in our community. There is a wide range from young mums to grand old dames in there 7os. I love to learn from the older women they have so much to offer us.

After craft I had my sewing room to clean. That's another story.......

Then off to the doctors Cassie has an ear infection and as she is off to Canberra on Sunday for a week I wanted to get some antibiotics. We were going through her medical records and in 12 years she has had about15 ear infections, the poor darling.

I also got my holiday photos developed while in town so I can do some scrap booking tomorrow.
Then home to cook tea, cleanup and children to bed

So that brings me to now and MORE PHOTOS... I can hear you groaning from here...last day today .may-be...........

The Sky rail was scary...........give me fish or sharks not heights. My so called friend thought it quiet funny to keep getting up and moving around, I mean the crazy women was trying to kill me I'm sure of it. O.K I admit I don't do heights very well.

Look at that water isn't it amazing and this isn't a full flow because of the dam. The water fall below is only part as it was so long, there were three pools like this.

Can you see what I mean by heights this is scary high...........But I loved it........ I so enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new and wonderful things. I am so grateful to have a friend like Bronwyn that bullied me (yes she did) into going . True friends are a blessing from God I believe and yet like men they never take no for an answer ha ha ha........

Thanks for joining me as I went back and relived this great holiday. I know how much I enjoy reading all your blogs and looking at photos, blogging is something I have really come to enjoy, as I'm sure you do to.....


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