Monday, September 8, 2008

More Holiday Photos

Hope every-one had a great Fathers Day on Sunday. We had a really busy week-end, on Saturday we had the boys last soccer game and break-up (no more soccer yea!!!!!!!) It was so cold and wet, it was almost sleet, but the boys got a trophy each so they are happy.

It was still cold on Sunday when we went for a picnic in the park in Toowoomba not really picnic weather. Yet that after-noon it warmed up and I got the mowing done and gardens weeded, so all in all a very good week-end.

Some more holiday photos here, above is the garden in our motel that we stayed in at Cairns. It had a wonderful garden in the middle, boy did I get lots of ideas for my garden at home. Below is the view from our balcony wonderful isn't it? I didn't get sick of sitting out there with a glass of wine.

On Wednesday we went up to Kuranda, below is a photo of the main street full of little gift shops, it reminded me of Montville alot.
The only things I bought while away was t-shirts, hats, hankies and magnets for the hubby and children all things that can be used. Some people might think I'm cheap I think sensible is a better word!!

Can you see those nests in the tree above, well they are a fern called basket fern. They were in all the trees and looked amazing they were every where.

We went up to Kuranda by an old train. 15 tunnels we went through going up the mountain all made by hand, this is onr train ride I will never forget. Below is the tea rooms where we got a cuppa before getting on the train. Ever where was so green , and there are ferns and palms just beautiful.......
We came back down from Kuranda by sky rail I'll show you photos of that tomorrow.

I have nearly got my housework finished then I am out to the garden as it is shorts and t-shirt weather today. I think I will rename my tropical garden The Cains Garden in honor of my holiday.

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  1. Welcome back, Mandy! I checked a couple of times in this past week to see if you'd made it home:) It seems that you had a wonderful time. I cannot believe the colors in those underwater shots. And all the pretty foilage. And to be with your Best Friend? God's gift to you for sure.