Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Vege Garden

One boy and his dog went to collect some cow poo.

Here is my working boy, see that trailer on the back off the old mower? well Robbie collected 9 trailer loads of wonderful poo for his Mum.

Hubby has been giving the cows a round bale of hay a week in the cattle yards, and this is the result. We were going out to collect dry poo to put through the mulcher when I saw all that hay in the yards, so a little bribery and I had a willing worker.

As quick as Robbie was bringing it round to me I dug it into the garden beds. After a couple of hours of digging Robbie was standing around waiting for me, I was starting to slow down I can tell you.
So sad when your 10 year old can run you into the ground.............

These garden beds aren't the permanent vege patch but they will do nicely until hubby gets the fence up for the real one, but the hours he works it my be a long term project. Having the logs are great as I am able to walk on them and not the gardens.

Doesn't even look like there is anything in there they are so tiny, but the tomatoes and capsicum are in there.
I have planted...
Lettuce--butter head and some mixed mignonette
Spinach--Iron man
Tomatoes--gross Lissie and beefsteak
Chinese cabbage
Egg plants
Cucumber--burp less
Snow peas

I planted the strawberries on the top garden so that they will fall over the edge..
And Robbie has been collecting potatoes as they go to seed so he planted up some. Never grown potatoes before so this will be fun.
I want to grow a loofah bush but can't find any here in Toowoomba so if any-one knows where I can get some from could you let me know..Thanks..
The rain last night was welcome. I haven't even had a chance to check the rain gage yet..

Today I am looking after my niece and nephew so there won't be much house work or gardening done today just lots of cuddles.....


  1. Looks like a great start, Mandy! This is going to be a big garden. It'll be fun to see it growing during our Winter so keep up with the photos, okay?

  2. Hi Mandy..have just read through your last 8 post...great work on the garden & lucky you to have a Mum that also stitches..very nice.