Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out In The Garden

What a glorious day it is outside today, sunny yet with a gentle breeze to cool me.

After dropping the children of to school it was out to the garden and that has been where I have stayed all day, so far.

These are my gardens near the Old Dairy, a couple of years ago we had to cut down 3 very large silky oak trees in our back yard, they were to close to the house. Well we have used these to make retaining walls up near the dairy. I have been weeding up there and fiddling around getting it ready to put in my plants. I have about 50 plants that I took cuttings from in Autumn to put into these new beds but, now I'm thinking that they would make great vege gardens......
They aren't close to the house but as I'm up at the dairy every day I don't think that this would be a problem. I'm going to have to wait till Sunday though to get my vege seedlings, as they are so much cheaper at the Sunday markets.

I have my Mother in law staying with me again at the moment, she came home with me on Saturday after soccer. She loves to be here where it is busy and full of life, At the moment she is a god send as she is doing all the ironing for me which is giving me lots of extra time out in the garden.

I hope the weather is just what you need today rain or sun, enjoy this day .

Now I'm back to the garden........


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