Thursday, September 18, 2008

School Day

The last week before school gets out for the Spring break is always busy for us, lots of school activities..
Today was International Day at school, this is a great day where the children get to dress up in the country they have been learning about. Robbie was Mexico and will could go as any country.

I stayed at school today and helped out with the activities in the prep class room. A great day to be had by teachers, students and parents. I know I had fun.
I can't wait for the school holidays.......

When I got home I remembered I had to cut up my soap and stamp it. This is the basket I put the soap in to cure. I cover it up with a towel and keep it on top of the cup board in my Mother in laws bed rooms as she doesn't reach up there.

I am having a quick and easy tea to night "curried sausages" my idea off take out quicker too......


My dry creek bed is coming along and looks soooooo good, the veges are doing well also. I still couldn't get a loofah bush any where, so I got a passion fruit vine to plant on the chook pen. Tomorrows job after I have taken my M.I.L to get her hair cut.



  1. How long have you been making soap, Mandy? I've not yet tried it but am curious about the process. And, do you do laundry with these?

  2. Suzan I have only been making soap this year.I got the receipe from Down to Earth. I don'tuse it in the laundry though, but we wash our hair with this soap and will be using it for gifts at Christmas..