Thursday, November 13, 2008

Afternoon One & All

I have been in town (Toowoomba) all day today and my feet are protesting to the amount they had to walk.

The few times I do venture into town i park the car and walk to do all my bits and pieces.

I do go grocery shopping each week as it is to hard to buy enough

food for my lot any more than this.

One of the places I had to go was "spotlight" to get some more material

for Christmas presents.
I am known to get a a bargin now and again ,
and did I get one today.
See this quilters fabric below? well I picked it up cheap.
The checked one was $3 a metre and the rest were $8 a metre.......... plus.........
if you bought 1 mtr you got one free, that's right ladies.
(I think I just lost a lot of readers they are in there cars now and heading for the closest spotlight)
The red material is the same as in DILs quilt and I needed some more of that.
The plain pink one is to bind my quilt and the others............who cares
it was cheap and I know I will use them.
Here is a sneak peak at Karen's my DIL blocks, they are all mixed up as Karen reads my blog
and I don't want to give to much away.
You will have to wait until after Christmas to see the finished quilt.

Now that I have learnt to put a quilt together I am finely going to
make up these blocks. They have sat in the cupboard for years and I never got to finish the class as baby No 6 came along. Yes I no that was 10 yrs ago.
I am going to make into into a single bed quilt for that No 6 child.

Here is my top all together all to do know is put the wadding in it and the backing and quilt it.
That,s the fun part I can do that no worries.........

Well I need to go and water the vege garden and pick some greens for tea.
I hope you all had a great day.



  1. I havent quilted for years!!!! Gosh i miss it, but little people seem to demand attention the moment i sit at the there goes quilting day.

  2. Oh you productive thing aren't you clever the whack and stack looks great!!!!

    I am sitting here binding the wuilt for my great niece I ahve finished the machine adn hadn quilting adn fixed a small flaw that I couldn't live with hope my sister deosn't mind.

    If you need any help with the quilt let me know!!

    Love and hugs


  3. Those pieced tops are fantastic. Inspires me to dig out the cherry basket quilt I started - oh - two years ago! Nice work, Mandy. (And was real glad to hear you hadn't broken your foot!)