Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All My Own Produce....

This was tea last night along with some chicken.
Now this might not look much when you first look, but to those that
grow there own veges know what I'm looking at.
This is all produce from my garden.......
When I went and had a look at the vege garden yesterday I could not believe how much things had grown in four days.
The cucumbers were big and juicy,
there was snow peas every where,
and the lettuce was starting to bolt to seed.
And the tomatoes I kid you not the bushes had grown an inch.
I didn't grow the olives ....
but I did pick them and bottle them, so I think that counts.
Did it taste good? I hear you ask, of course! I grew it...It really did every-one ate it all up anyway.
Now, does any one need any cucumbers?
I will have to go to Down to Earth and find Rhonda Jeans recipe for pickled cucumbers.
I finely got that mess I made with the links fixed.
I only did that to make you all feel good that you can use a computer better than me (ha,ha,ha,)
I always learn from my mistakes though.
I am going to start on my DIL quilt to day I will show you the material she picked
out tomorrow.

I thought that I would leave you with some more photos of beautiful North Queensland.

This is at the river, see how full this gets. I would love to be there in flood I think it would be an awesome sight to behold.....

This is taken looking back towards Charters Towers.
My son reckons that he could see the blue water tank on the hill in town. Well I have to say David I have enlarged this photo, put my glasses on and I still can't see it!!!!!!!!!

The weather has turned lovely and cool here today
a wonderful day for sewing.



  1. It is slowly warming up in my house without lighting the fire, though I do have the oil/electric heater on.

  2. Congratulations on your home-grown meal. I am itching to be able to grow vegies again.

    Thanks for the award too. I love your blog!


  3. Oh your vegetables look great!!!

    I love the drive into Charters Towers from Townsville it is just lovely. (in an Australian kind of way of course)

    It is pouring here now I ahve just come in from my Patchwork Grouop and I would love to just sit and sew but of course I ahve to go out again and get daisyboy7 from the bus and then tonight I am off to the college for daisyboy12s musical.


  4. it all looks very tasty Mandy, i lov your miss matched plates :o)
    also a big thank you for the award, never gotten one before but i will be sure to pass it on :o)

  5. Your homegrown produce looks great. There is nothing like homegrown snowpeas they are so sweet & juicy compared to the dry shop bought ones. So tell me how DO you put the links into your text when you do a post. Sorry still a newbie here. Caroline

  6. we have 10 olive trees and we have no idea how to pick them or what to do with them when we pick them
    i would love some info on picking and bottling
    cant wait until i can have a table full of my own all looks so yum

  7. your homegrown veg is a delight, all our veg is over apart from leeks and carrots. We are having frosts and cold rain at the moment so hot food is the go but I do miss salads in the winter so we still have them often.

  8. Caroline, Sorry i havn't answered sooner.
    Near where the photo link button is there is a differant one click on it and it will come up http// and then you just add the sight you want.If I can work it out you won't have any trouble.