Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Back To Basics Kind Of Day.......

Hi everyone.......
I didn't get to blog yesterday as I was busy, busy,busy
Yes it was our local craft day yesterday.
I have learnt how to put a quilt together properly, sashing and boarder.
I have put a quilt together before, just not very well.
I really learnt alot yesterday and can't wait to get some more done.
I love our community craft days, the companionship and learning from one another.
I will post some photos latter today of the quilt.
This morning I have been making some more soap.
This will be my Christmas batch, I put cinnamon and nutmeg into
this batch as they are Christmas spices. The scent is not as strong as I would have liked though so I am going to have to find some oils I think to try. Any ideas???
I am going to package them similar to the soaps above, maybe more festive though..

she is talking about electricity and water saving and of monitoring these . Well worth a look and I encourage you to take part.
I will be doing the electricity but not the water. We only have tank water here and I am already very frugal with that.

The snow peas cucumbers and tomatoes are all doing well. I have been picking alot of tomatoes
green and let them ripen on the bench. There is
no difference in taste at all. I always thought that you should let them ripen on the vine
for better taste. Picking them green also stops them getting attacked by bugs.......
For the last 10 years when I make my bread I have used the bread maker.
Today though I am going to make it by hand again.
WHY! I have lost touch with the bread. The kneading and the rising even the putting yeast into water and letting it ferment. All I do now is plop it all in the bread maker and turn it on and BREAD.
Nothing wrong with this though I just want to get back to basics. I will still use the bread maker when I am in a hurry (which is most of the time)
Well I am off to make that bread then to sash and boarder D.I.L quilt and finish the table clothes for Saturdays 21st.
Have a great day.


  1. Mandy the soap looks great I made a mess of my last batch and burnt a big hole in the kitchen bench haven't tried another one yet but I must.....soon


  2. I have to did you burn a hole in your bench?
    Once you get the hang of it it is so simple, try again maybe outside.

  3. The soap looks beautiful. How about patchouli? Smell it first before mixing it in. Also Crabtree and Evelyn release a red candle at Christmas time and oil that to me says Christmas. Either mix in the oil (after checking all is well) or check to see what ingreds are listed and maybe be inspired by that?

    Aren't you clever to make such pretty soap.