Friday, November 7, 2008


I can say with absolute honesty that I have gotten nowhere this week......
Don't get me wrong the house is clean and my jobs are up to date....kinda......sorta
well mostly any way.
I haven't had a chance to even do any gardening this week and
after that wonderful rain I want to get the weeding done.
I did manage to get the Muesli Bars made yesterday..
I had the baby sitting yesterday, and then some people came to pick
up there puppies........
and stayed until 7 o'clock grrrrrrrr.
I just feel out of whack .
I know what I need to do and that is say NO more often to people that drop around
of an evening on a school night. It is happening more and more
and it's driving me craaaazyyy.....
I have decided that I will just get up and go about the things I need to do
of an evening. I won't be rude, just tell them I have jobs to do.
Do you think this will work?
There I feel much better now that I have vented.

This is the Muesli Bar Slice that I made. Not a great picture
as I haven't cut it up yet.
Here is the receipe.
1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup Pepita's
1 cup muesli
3cups rice bubbles
1/2 cup coconut
Put all these dry ingredients into a bowl.
Then place in a saucepan.
125grams of butter
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup raw sugar
Melt over slow heat until all dissolves, then simmer for 5 mins
mixture will thicken slightly.
Add to dry ingredients mix together thoroughly.
Press into a 19cm x 29cm Lamington try lined with foil or you may grease tin.
Press firmly and refrigerate until set.
Cut into slices the size of muesli
I always make a double batch up when i make these.
I also add what ever other nuts, dried fruit and even choc bits that
are open and in the pantry..
I have been to town this morning to take my Mother in-law shopping.
I only had to get a few things myself. Whops forgot to hide the chips..ha ha ha.
Their for the children really...... not my lunch.

Tomorrow I have to go shopping with a friend to help
organize table setting and centre pieces for her sons 21st. Hoping that this
won't take to long so I can come home and get the gardening done.

I hope every-one has a great week end and that we all get some rain.



  1. "my jobs are up to date....kinda......sorta
    well mostly any way".
    Lol been there doing that

    I have decided that I will just get up and go about the things I need to do
    of an evening. I won't be rude, just tell them I have jobs to do.
    Do you think this will work?
    Yes and you could ask if they would like to help.

  2. Now there's an idea Stewart. That's sure to get rid of them....

  3. Gorgeous garden and rain photos. We're dry, dry, dry and there is no green now except for pine and pinon trees. Fantastic washer - have you had a front loader before? I hear that they are marvelous. Thank you so much Mandy for the "hot blog" award! I've been really unmotivated lately with the dark days of winter coming on. I think you're just too friendly, fun, and loving and that is why folks enjoy your company so much. Let us know if you get the courage to set limits with them, will you?

  4. Pleased someone else is having that kind of week.

    I hate people coming to visit on a school night I just keep them outside on the verandah ( and don't turn the lights on) when it gets dark enough they usually get the hint!!! LOL


  5. Oh yeah - I am with you there girl.

    I had two lots of people (one family) turn up last week just as I was serving up birthday dinner. So there we were, eating our food in front of everyone. I felt rude, but I didn't have enough to offer everyone, and I didn't want to let it go cold, just so they could hang around. Yes, I guess it might have been rude, but I felt it was kind of thoughtless to turn up in the evening at dinnertime and expect anything else?

    So, in the end, we ate and they watched which wasn't entirely satisfactory.

    Rhonda wrote a post over at down to earth the other day about saying no. I thought it was useful. all I have to do is conquer my blog reading addiction! Lisa x

  6. Lisa that makes me laugh,truly some people are so bold, never thought to just have tea and let them watch lol...Let them watch from the veranda with the lights out(o.k being mean now) I'm kidding really wouldn't do that...

    P.S Any-one comming for tea?

  7. Mandy you have 7 kids and I have 6 kids to feed, bath, organise a meal, clean up after and get into bed at a reasonable hour, as well as feed the animals and ensure the yard toys and bikes are put away, THEN we get to do our own chores of washing up,ironing, lunches next day, meal plan next day, unfinished projects, kiss your husband and relaxtime, plus so much more i forgot to mention. School nights are a NO-GO zone at my house unless they want to help. I just go about my chores and if they want to follow me around while i work then so be it, with that many kids any slip in the routine means a very late night for mum and puts you out of whack and you struggle to regain the routine again. My advice.....stick with what works for you and the guests can either follow you around or get their hands dirty with you because weekends are social time, weekdays are just too busy.

  8. The recipe looked good - but please explain - what are Pepita's ??

  9. Hi Angela,
    And welcome Pepita are pumkin seed kernals. You should be able to ge them in the health food section. The green seeds you see in the muesli slice well that's them.

    You said it well teena,