Monday, November 10, 2008

Garden Update

Every thing around here is growing so well after the rain'
Hubby says that if we are quiet we can here the grass growing........
The hedge is just about level with the pool and is really starting to look like a hedge now' there is still a couple of gaps where it got frosted in winter but they are starting to catch up.
We had a wonderful week end, Saturday was so hot and humid that after
getting home from town, we all stayed in the cool of the house and
just enjoyed being together. It was a nice relaxing day.
On Sunday we started the day of by going to Weis for breakfast,
all 7 off us.
I don't think the place new what hit them.....It was a fantastic
smorgasbord breakfast. This was the first time
that we have ever taken the younger children to a fancy restaurant we were very proud of
them as they were really well behaved.
I believe that is is important for younger children to experience eating out.
Yes they use there manners at home, but lets face it there is nothing like getting dressed up
and eating in a fine restaurant when you are only 10.
Memory making moments
we call them.
O I didn't mention that the whole meal only cost us $46 as Hubby was given a gift
voucher for $120 for his b/day last November and we hadn't used it yet.
And yes I forgot the camera......

Look at all the different colours of green in the rain forest garden. There is just so much new growth happening there at the moment.

The snow peas and cucumbers are doing so well. This area is shaded in the after noon so doesn't get that hot afternoon sun on it.
I think that is why they are doing so well here.

I finally got around to putting up my tomato bushes, they were climbing all over the
ground and I wanted to put them up so they didn't get any fungal growth on them after the rain.

I also found some "Ox heart" tomatoes and got them planted out. I remember reading somewhere that you should have 3 tomato bushes planted
per person to have enough tomatoes. I f that is the case I have15 bushes planted so
far and I will need another 6 to make 21 as there is seven living at home. I think though that I will plant a few more, with Christmas coming up we will need extra.

Put in some more "Mignonette lettuce" a well, I can't keep the Lettuce up to us. I have only been planting a punnet a week and have now decided to plant 2 a week.
We'll see how that goes. I am getting into
a rhythm of succession planting.....yes it takes some planing but it is worth it, to always have what you need with out the gaps.

We only have two puppies left, the one on the ground getting her ear chewed is "pirate" we are keeping her. This is Hubbys dog, he chose her and named her.
The other little girl is going soon as well.
We have been so lucky getting homes for the pups, when people heard we had them
they were gone. Not one person saw them first, just said they would take one
as they all
know Molly and what a good dog she is, so I hope the live up to expectations......
The back fence is coming along nicely it should be finished this week.
Pirate hasn't ventured down to this part of the yard yet but I'm sure it won't be long....

Well being Monday there is plenty to do around the house so I had better get
back to it.
All have a great Monday.....


  1. Thankyou for the lovely award Mandy. I am finally getting around to reading other blogs again and getting mine up to date after getting our new computer system set up. Everything takes me a while with two precious littlies in the house.

    It is lovely to read of what you have been up to and see your lovely garden. I am enjoying the veges we have started to grow this year but am constantly running out of space. You seem to have lots of that and I am a little envious. All the best with your lettuce and tomato mission.


  2. I so agree that taking children to eat out is such a good thing, I really enjoyed taking our girls out and I remember the outing with joy.
    Your garden is terrific so many good things to eat as well as look at.
    ...and those puppies are so sweet..

  3. What adorable pups! I'd be wanting one as well, if I lived closer. I enjoy the pictures of your yard. Being from New England, the landscape is so different. Take Care! :o)

  4. Your garden is looking great!

    When did you plant out your first lot of cucumber seeds? I am hopeless at getting that first lots of spring seeds in at the 'right time.'

    Weis's is fabulous isn't it. I am not yet game enough to take our boys there yet (5 and 3) they are still at that Sizzlers or golden arches age ;-)

  5. Glad to hear that you are up and blogging again Cee.
    Welcomr Martha I am enjoying your blog and getting to know you.
    Emily I planted my cucumbers 13th september. I will be planting more latter on to keep me going.They are in shaded area in the afternoon so I think this helps them not to burn....Where did you get your Loofa seeds from, and is it to late to plant them?