Friday, November 21, 2008

Having A DAM Fine Time.....

The children have all made it to school today......
I think yesterday was a day that they will long remember. Hubby grew up here and he still talks about being flooded in as a child......
Below is the dam behind our house. Only another 5 foot and it is full. What is so remarkable about this is that it hardly gets any water in it any more. New people on the hill above us put 2 dams in our catchment So now three dams have to fill up before our dam gets a drop.
So that is a lot of water.
The sun is shinning brightly and a stiff breeze is blowing, great for getting
all of yesterdays muddy clothes dry.
We all slept well last night as the children had been out hiking around the farm and helping the neighbour remove trees from his drive way. They were exhausted, so were we having been out early and up half the night before watching the rain.
This dam is the big dam over in the far paddock. It was empty.........
You can see how big it is by the car. Where the car is is the overflow so still a bit more to go.
This was taken 5pm last evening, see the storm rolling in behind.....
I hope no one had much damage from the rain. It is hard as we are so thankful for the rain and then we watch the news and see the heartache it has caused.
What is such a blessing to us, only 120klms away it is a curse.

This is our front paddock or as we like to call it now the bird habitat lol.
This has our front fence under it. I hope the cows don't realize the electric fence isn't working.

Let me explain the photo below,

The car with branches on it is the handy mans car. As you can see he was collecting the dead branches from the yard. He got bogged in the mud...
Hubby goes to the rescue after calling him a few names and explaining that the ground is to wet for driving on.

Middle car......hubby bogged.....ha..ha...ha O.K you had to be there but the look of disbelief on his face was priceless.

First car.........No idea ,total stranger out for a look at the floods. He managed to pull them both out without getting bogged.
Thank you random stranger.............

I hope every one enjoys there week end. We have a party tomorrow afternoon.Friends are
redoing there wedding vows, so it should be a good time.

Blessings to all



  1. Hi Mandy, Last nights storm barely hit me... I was scared out of my wits about 6 pm it got very very dark and all of a sudden it was quiet. Dead silence, I glanced out the window and surrounding me was 3 funnels forming and swirling and the sky was bright green! Holy cow I thought as I rushed to close all the rooms and place a few doonas etc into the safe room (lounge ... has only one window) and gathered kids underneath to keep safe in case the funnels touched down and took the roof. It was the most frightening yet humbling experience of my life. Thank goodness I didnt get touched, the clouds and funnels suddenly dispersed around the house and moved on. Wow, thats an advertisment on a higher power if ever I saw one. I was spared! I ended up onlu getting a very light shower of rain, yet 2 streets away there is damaged roof's and torn up gardens.
    Poor hubby of yours, got to eat his own humble pie getting bogged, and the kindness of strangers is astounding sometimes, true Aussie spirit!
    Those dams are amazing, takes me back to growing up on the Dairy in South Australia.

  2. That sounds truly terrorfing, I am so glad that you didn't get touched by it. I bet those funnels were an awsome sight to see though.
    Some one is watching over you and your kids.Did you thank him....
    I know I shouldn't but every time I see that photo of hubby I have a good laugh.

  3. Mandy... I did more than thank him... I signed up as a volunteer at my local church to help pack Xmas Hampers for the flood victims and needy families. My only regret was not snapping a photo of them, it was an incredible sight and the colours of it was just unexplainable! I truely am a believer now!

  4. Was the front car more 4x4 than the others? I have one, but am not sure what it is like on wet ground. The ground here is reasonably sandy too.

    I remember floods etc. from my childhood, so you are right. Washed out bridge was probably the most dramatic.

    It always seems to be windy after a flooding rain.

  5. LOL that reminds me of the little yellow digger "when the bigger bigger digger and the truck all got stuck and the little yellow digger pulled them all out of the muck............" It is a book my boys loved ....I'll find you a copy...


  6. Gosh...I hope you stay (relatively) dry! The young ones must have loved a day home! The truck lineup cracks me up. So nice of a passerby to help out. :o)

  7. Mandy - lovely work on those filling dams! Rotten weather though - but you can't have both can you?

    And fab work on the knitting.

    Lisa x