Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love the school holidays........
Yes I know I've said that before, but I do!!!!!!!!!!
No more up and at more school lunches and early teas because there is school the next day....noooooooooo
Instead, lazy mornings of gardening and sitting on veranda drinking coffee, barbies for tea late..
Summer lazy holidays.........
Now don't get the wrong idea
that I lead a charmed life, because there will also be
yelling, threatening, yelling, tantrums (from the children as well) yelling and to finish of more yelling. Yes we all get a bit ratty at times, but that is life living in a Family.
Children fight, mum yells, children make HUGE mess mum yells a bit more but do you know what? I love school holidays........
I feel sad when I her women say how they dread or hate the school holidays,
I have to wonder are these women selfish or may be they forget what it was like to be a child and have fun.
I say relax go with the flow enjoy your children these holidays.
I am so glad that last week is behind me , what a busy full week.
May-be not as bad as some ones week though.
(If you haven't drop by daisymountain and say hello and send a blessing her way)
Here are photos of my two youngest getting there awards, isn't prep son above just so darn cute and small, O.K O.K I cried when my baby walked on stage, nearly forgot to take the photo.
Grade 5 son got the sportsman award. Sums him right up he loves his sports and is one of those boys that is good at any sports. He's like his big brother, would rather be kicking a ball than behind a desk. They get that from there Mother.
I have been tagged by Linda and Nicole. Thank you for this and next week I will
get to them. I would like to say hello to new readers, thank you for your comments
that you leave. I am enjoying going to your blogs and getting to know you...
O my! I just have to tell you this.....
See those Innocent looking boys of mine above...well they have just walked out in war paint
with their home made weapons. Their weapons of choice. Empty pens with pin board tacks in them..
I sat them down and calmly explained the dangers of this weapon. I then decided I needed to demonstrate. I blew through that pen and would you believe it the tack stuck into my tongue and groove wall. COOL says 10 year old.........
There's more.
Explained that it could do alot of damage if they shot one another or worse they could lose an eye. 5 year old looks at me and removes sunglasses he is wearing, and those big blue eyes are full of tears and he says to me..........
But Mum that's why I'm wearing the glasses...........
The Holidays have begun........................


  1. Hear, hear Mandy. I love school holiday time. I love all the time I have my family with me.

    I am getting a little sad this year as my first-born will be starting full-time school in Reception next year :(

    So I will really be looking forward to school holidays in the future.

    Love your little boys story!!

  2. Have a wonderful summer, Mandy! Something tells me that you'll make it that way no matter what happens. I have just seen a CNN video of a town in Australia completely divided by flood waters. Not your town I hope?

  3. I always enjoyed the school holidays too...I Hope you Enjoy Yours with NO Hassels...

  4. Wow on school holidays already! We have 3 weeks to go. I hope to get enough casual work to have a little money for the holidays. I too, look forward to the summer holidays, my children and I always enjoyed baking and making Christmas truffles in the week leading up to Christmas. Sometimes sleeping in and sometimes getting up early to enjoy the cool of the day. ENJOY!!

  5. I love the school holidays too. Just a break from the routine is great.

    It does get a bit hard to do things with my family though with the other children I care for. I still have to get up early for them. I will take some time off so we can do something.


  6. My eldest is 5 and starts school holidays next year, along with prep ;-)
    Thumb tacks and rubber bands seem to be the choice of weapons around here too...
    Your story brought a big smile to my face!