Friday, November 14, 2008

Things Are Not Going To Plan Today......

I was up nice and early this morning as I have a lot to get done.
I don't have to take my Mother in-law shopping this week as she is staying with our niece in Goondiwindi for a few days. I have only had to go to town once this week
and that is the way I like it.
Lots of house work to get done today that's why I was up early.
But then I tripped down the couple of stairs going down to the laundry.
I think I have sprained my ankle as it is very sore.
So won't be getting much house work done now. I do think I will be able to hobble up to
The Old Dairy
and get some sewing done. Lucky it's my left foot not my right.
Below are the new garden steps we just did going up to the vege patch and my sewing room.
You would think that I could have swept them first though.
I'm glad there in as it will make hobbling easier.
Any-way I have learnt something............
Do not get out of bed earlier to do it is bad for your health.
A couple of days ago Daisymum7 talked about showing some real photos of our house.
I have to say that I am the type of person that needs to have the house clean before I can go about my gardening or craft.
Now I'm not talking super mum clean, I think this is left over from my Home schooling days.
Also having a large family I find it easier if I keep
on top of things.
There are some rooms though that I TRY to turn a blind eye to,
the boys bedroom and the office.
Sooooo.........Here is the office as I am sitting in it now.
Oh! Look you can even see the unmade bed in the spare room, two messy rooms
for the price of one.
I won't show you the boys room as that is just to traumatic for any ones eyes.

Now I am of to clean the desk because I truly can't stand it. I will sit in
the office chair and wheel myself along............
Then again I might just go straight up to the sewing room. Out of sight out of mind...............


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Mandy. Two days ago my hubby got up from reading our six year old a story after she fell asleep, it was a little dark and he fell and nearly hurt his nose. It is a tiring time of year.

  2. I hope your ankle is feeling much better. Very vry sad time to do it going on to the w/end. Hope you got to the sewing room though. Loved today's post -very human made me feel right at home.

  3. Hello Mandy
    Laughed at the getting out of bed to do housework being bad for your health but sorry to hear about the ankle - did you do the ICE thing. Ice, compression, elevation?
    Do you by any chance use the right foot for the sewing machine pedal lol
    I enjoyed the revealing look at your office and the spare room also - good on you for keeping it real
    Take care

  4. I am so proud of allyou girls...Now i know I can meet you face to face at some stage and know that somewhere lurking in the backroom is an unmade bed or a desk that looks wahy celaner than the one I am sitting at right now.

    Yay us we are real and we LOVE IT!!!!

    hope you ankle gets better I recommned sitting at the sewing machine for at least two days.