Thursday, November 20, 2008

WE'RE FLOODED IN.............

Every one is excited around here, it's flooding.
In a good way though.
All the creek crossings are over. The children are home as we can't get to Toowoomba.
This is one of the crossings, we have five to cross to get to town.
Hubby and daughter who is in grade 11 have gone over the back blocks in the four wheel drive to see if they can get to town. Alanah has her major math and science exam to day, and really has to try to get there.
Then he is going to try to get to his Mum's and bring her back to our place.
This is our bottom paddock ,
the electric fence is all under water too.
This is where the two creeks meet, the creek came down at 11p.m and this photo was taken at 5a.m it had already dropped a couple of metres.

All the tanks are full and there is water everywhere such a lovely sight to see.

Here is the birthday boy.

Hubby reakons the rain was the best present he could have got.

Sounds like hubby is back home. Yes and he has his Mum with him,
better go and check her room is clean.


  1. Australia is copping it's fair share of rain all over at the moment. Some more than others.

    Your hubby's birthday cake looks delicious, bet it didn't last long.

    Have a great day and enjoy the rain, ours has gone although there are more dark clouds outside today.


  2. OMG! It was beautiful wasn't it? So what its flooding, Im flooded in 2 but am a smart cookie and always have bulk supplies in cupboard and freezer. Ahh...words cannot express my joy today...

  3. After the drought I can't ever imagine complaining about rain or a bit of flooding particularly when it keeps you all home and together with nothing to do but sew.... enjoy your day


  4. That's a beautiful sight, I hope the creeks leading to our dams look something like that

  5. He is a lucky boy with that cake!

    My husband was saying Qld had lots of rain, now I have seen it!

    Glad to hear it is going down, it was a bit tricky with school, what bad timing.

  6. We have been playing in mud and water all day today.When it floods here it's very social as every one drops in for a chat.
    The creek is down now and we could get to town ......but we don't want to.
    The cake tasted better than it looked. I forgot to mention that my daughter made it....

  7. Joy oh joy for the rain. Sydney copped a fair bit last night - 39mm I think - 30mm of which came down in ten minutes. We got some in the Mountains with lots of thunder & lightning.

  8. It makes me smile to read that you are making light of a little bit of flood. It reminds me of the excitement of trying to get to school from our farm when cyclone Alby hit WA in 1976. It was great to make light of a potentially dangerous situation - we had fun watching others chainsaw logs out of the way so the school bus could get through!

  9. Oh everything looks so green! I'm happy that you didn't have any trouble with all that water. We could sure use a little.