Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been busy still......

What a busy couple of days.............

Yesterday was our last craft day, next fortnight we are having our Christmas breakup.

So it was a busy day of mad sewing all day,

and last night I got the hand sewing all done..........My first quilt is all finished and I

am so happy with it..

Sorry I can't show any photos until after Christmas as it is DIL Christmas pressie.

Today I have been in town all day doing the Christmas present shopping.

My feet are sore and my wallet is empty.........

I have only a few bits and pieces to get now.

The children finish school Friday and things will slow down then.

I hope every ones week is going to plan. We are getting more rain at the moment which is a blessing.

Have a great day.....



  1. hey Mandy :o) i have tagged you over at my blog if you want to play :o)
    i have only purchased a couple of things, it is going to be a bit last min for me this year.

  2. What a wonderfully full, busy life you have. Your post put me in the mood to shop, as sewing is out of the question!

  3. You seem to live in such a beautiful area. I am glad to have found your blog.

  4. Oops, sorry I have tagged you as well.