Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catch up day.........

The rain has been so good for the garden, here is the last lot of tomatoes I planted a couple of weeks ago. I have now planted out 3 lots a month apart. Hopefully this will keep me in tomatoes for a few months.

This type of vege gardening is all new to me. I think I may have mentioned before that before my Father in-law passed away I never had to worry. He was a tomato farmer and always had every other type of vege growing that he gave away to his family. Now I am having to fend for my self..

The Japanese girls all went home yesterday, lots of tears all around. I find that the students love being in the country and open space. I think we may take where we live for granted until you see it through other eyes.

Yesterday afternoon was spent up at the hospital. First we saw the doctor, and than Robbie had to get another cast on his arm, as they had only put a half one on due to the swelling. Don't you love the Christmas red he choose. Then it was down stairs to get another x-ray. Back upstairs to see the doctor again.......lots of waiting in between of course. The children where good with all the waiting. We don't have to go back until the 31st December, the doctor said that 3more weeks should be enough, so lets hope so.

After the hospital we went to target so Robbie could choose a new board game. He picked scrabble, they were up at 6 am this morning to play and are still fighting I mean playing scrabble. While in town they did their Christmas shopping for one another as well.
Remember the post I did on pocket money........well there is an update.........
After all my talk about Alanah not getting a part time job and blah,blah,blah well......ummm.....she got a job................Now in my defence it is not in town. She is working 3 mins down the road in the tomato packing shed. Alanah has worked there before over the holidays. This time though she is working full time 8.30 a.m -6p.m six days a week.... I drive her the 3mins to work and one of the neighbors drops her of on the way home........This is working for every-one. I'm not running around (I am back to doing my own baking though) she is getting some money around $400 a week which I think is very good for a 16 year old. It is long hard work with lots of people so she is learning alot working there....
I am seeing my elder children growing so quickly though. Hubby and I joke that we have two families the older ones and then the younger ones, well now I just have the younger 3 at home all day with me as the older four are all working two don't live at home any more. They are growing up to fast. I am taking each day as it comes and enjoying it, as they are growing way to fast.........

Today I have alot of house work to catch up on and hopefully if it's not to hot I will get out to the garden A nice slow day of good old fashioned work, that's how I like to spend my days.......
Have a great day every-one.......


  1. Tell Robbie I love scrabble and I will have a game with him sometime.

    I think it is great that Alanah found a job so close to home and that is good money for her for the holidays.

    I am having a similar day aorund here and good news the plumber is here connecting Gloria up to the gas!!! New stove here I come!!!


  2. Just three wow! I know that will come around for me sometime, maybe next year. Strange.

    Yes, you certainly have to have some sort of philosophy like enjoying it like it lasts and be prepared.

  3. Hey Mandy...My oldest 17 works in a pet shop after school, and holidays. he makes his own way too and from. Earns alot during holidays and showers his mum with gifts ( I guess untill a girl is worthy enough ) Sigh... they grow up too fast, i remember the day they were all born, felt like yesterday and now 2 have after school jobs? Time passes by so fast!

    Im glad someone elses kids fight umm i mean play board games!