Friday, December 12, 2008

Crazy Weather!!!!!!!

Rain wonderful rain..........
What is it with the weather around here?
Yesterday was so hot and humid and muggy, well I don't do hot a and muggy.
To say I was in a bad mood most of yesterday is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then it rained.

I'm telling you as soon as the weather cooled so did I.
Maybe sitting on the veranda watching all the lovely water going into the tank
helped. ((((((Blast still haven't fixed the date on the camera. Really I only took these photos yesterday.Right I think I just fixed it.))))))
When I woke up this morning it was foggy and cool
complete opposite to yesterday.
I took M.I.L to town to do the shopping at 10 a.m and couldn't see a thing cause of the fog.
I also had to spend a small fortune on the pool. With all the rain you can see
that it is nearly the same colour as the grass.

We have our last Christmas party this Saturday night.
I am just about partied out....just about not quite.
Hope you all have a great week-end who knows what the weather will
be like for us in Toowoomba, every day is a surprise.......


  1. Lots of rain here too Mandy, not as green as your place though.


  2. oh...for some of that rain! We haven't had any for so long and what teeny bit we did geta month ago...well, we haven't had rain in so long! You had a real deluge!
    Many years ago we went to Mexico and it was hot and humid and raining all at once...rather unpleasant to say the least! I am glad it has cooled down for you!

  3. We're getting LOTS of rain right now in S. Victoria... and it's been lovely! I hope that it keeps up, because we need it badly.
    I think the warmest day we've had, has been about 23C (77F), so this has been a good spring so far !

  4. I've been catching up with your blog this morning - it's snowing here and I don't think we can leave the house until it stops a bit. Your tomato plants are fantastic! You all look to be having a wonderful summer and holiday, Mandy.

  5. Too pooped to party hey???

    love and hugs


  6. Glad that some of you are getting rain!
    Suzan do you get snowed in often? We are enjoying summer, plenty of running and swimming.Hello to Bee_content will be heading over to look at your blog latter in the day.
    Thanks for leaving comments girls I do enjoy reading them. I have had a good reasting week-end and am ready to Christmas party again.....