Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did You Have A Good Christmas.

We did!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of laughter, food and family, what a better way to celebrate.
Here is our Christmas table all set and ready to go.
Look what I got for Christmas..........Marlie the mower,
isn't he handsome.
Boy is he going to be getting a workout around here and yes I have already mowed the lawn.

We had 15 for Christmas lunch. I had to bring an other table in. The family is growing
I had all my children, my parents MIL and my brother and his wife.
This was one of the best Christmases we have had as it has been awhile since my brother has been.

All the visitors left today so things will get back to a little
normal for a few days.
I am of now to do some catch up reading of my fave blogs.



  1. But see, YOU have a darn good reason for not being able to find your floor... I only have myself to blame or to clean up after, because I didn't have a full house like you did!
    Lucky you! Your Christmas sounds perfect. :o)

  2. I love a woman who appreciates a tractor for Christmas! :)

  3. nice mower Mandy :o)
    glad you had a wonderful Christmas :o)

  4. It's so bizarre to think of people mowing at Christmastime!