Friday, December 5, 2008

Excitement In The House.

Big Brother is home for the week end. I know two little boys that
have missed there big brother and are excited that he is home for a couple of days. This is where I found them all this morning.

It was a late night last night, picked up David from the Brisbane airport at 10:45p.m and didn't get home till 1.30 this morning. Then of course the boys were up early to see David. And then it was the usual being boys stuff you know fighting wrestling the usual thing that boys do.

Cassandra cooked tea for us last night and did such a wonderful job.

She made pasties and a bright pink cake for desert.

She is getting to be quite the cook and loves to play restaurants. We had our meal on the veranda that she had set up with a lovely table and candles......

We have such a busy week end ahead of us.
Tonight we have our local community Christmas Tree and singing.
This is always a great night as the locals really make the effort to come. This has been running for as long as I have been here which is 21 yrs..
Tomorrow we have a wedding on, that's the reason that David came home. He is M.C at the wedding. David will be flying back home on Sunday morning at 6a.m.
Sunday I am meant to be going to the north coast for a memorial service, at the moment I am in two minds as to go or not. My grand father who is 87 wants me to come........But Monday I have to pick up four Japanese students that are staying here until Wednesday.
The memorial service doesn't start until 4p.m which means that I will have to stay over night and leave very early Monday to get back for the students.............
Are you getting the picture of what the next few days are like for me.

David has gone of to help the boys get ready for the wedding tomorrow, I will take lots of photos to share with you all. I am of to town now to do the grocery shopping as we are getting low on baking stuff. Then I must be up at he hall by 3p.m to get the bread rolls buttered and all the food ready, not just me........ there is alot of ladies that turn up to help.
I hope you are all looking forward to your week end.
I am, having my big boy home is enough......


  1. My big boy will be home next weekend.

    I was low on baking stuff on Wednesday, it ended up quite a heavy basket full.

  2. How wonderful to have your son home every minute with them becomes precious.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend & a great night tonight

  3. isnt ur girl a clever little chookie? Monkey see monkey do,they learn from you

  4. Great to have your son home, lovely family pics -both my grown son and daughter love to bake when they come home especially at Christmas. I am posting our 2 favourite recipes on my blog, plus I have a give-away that's on for a week. Love to have you visit.