Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready For A Summer Holiday.

It has not been the best summer for Robbie having his arm in plaster.
He has been slowly driving me mad...which according to some family members isn't hard to do...
Tomorrow we go back to the hospital and God willing the plaster will
come off. Please pray that it does.
Then he will be able to go for a swim.
We leave for our summer holiday at the beach on Saturday, and I don't think
any of us would survive with that arm still in plaster!!!!!!
I love this holiday.........we tow the caravan to cotton tree and set up camp.
We are almost on the waters edge where our site is. I love the
relaxed atmosphere in the caravan park. Just swimming and lazy long
days. I have a bit of work to do around here first though.
David is staying in the caravan until he leaves on Friday so I will give it
a good clean out then.
I keep every thing I need in the van so all I need to pack in there is our clothes and food.
This year there will only be 3 out of 7 children with me.Less than 1/2 my family. I will have to learn to cook in smaller portions or we will be eating alot of leftovers.

Looks like today is going to be another warm day here. To all my overseas readers who are
in the middle of winter, keep warm ....


  1. Have a great holiday by the beach - and good luck with the plaster arm.

  2. Happy New Year and enjoy your holiday at the beach!

  3. Have a great holiday, good luck with the plaster coming off. Enjoy your weather it is chilly and frosty here, very cosy by the woodburners though. Happy 2009

  4. Good luck with the plaster.... I'm praying that it can come off and you can all throughly enjoy your holiday!

    LOL about keeping warm for your overseas readers... It's freezing here in S. Victoria today and I've had the fire going since 5am - with no chance of my shutting it down! Snow wouldn't surprise me at all. Brrrrrrr!

    Have a wonderful holiday!!