Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pocket Money part 2

I have really enjoyed making Christmas Presents this year. I have got
a real enjoyment from it. I think as the children get older they are easier to
buy/make things for.
Above is my secret Santa for craft. This year I suggested we make our pressie
as we are a craft group. I made a cup cake pincushion and a stocking
bag to match.
Pocket Money
Each summer holidays we go to the beach for the last 3 weeks.
We take the caravan up and just chill.
But being on holidays and in a town where there
are shops the children like to buy things as children do.
So I have what I call holiday jobs.
These are bigger jobs that they can do to earn spending money for the coast.
Here is yesterdays examples of what they did.
Alanah.......she is doing the baking each day for morning and afternoon teas, above is the yesterdays biscuits.
Cassie.........Vacuum the house and clean the family room.
Robbie.......worked in the garden and helped me move some mulch.
William.......also hindered, I mean helped me in the garden.
Doing these jobs are optional for them, but they understand no work no holiday money. I find by the end of the holidays I am running out of jobs for them to do.
For the extra jobs I pay them as soon as the jobs are finished, as they see that there work has been rewarded. I keep $1, $2, $5 coins and notes on hand and pay according to the job.
So yesterday
Robbie received $5 as he worked hard most of the day.
Cassie received $2 as her job was easier
William received $1 for helping mum.
Alanah will get an extra $20 a week.
It may seem alot to pay Alanah $40 -$50 a week, let me explain.
Alanah is 16 and wanting part time work for the holidays, this will mean ME MUM
having to go up the range to drop her at job and then go back to pick her up.
By giving her a good allowance I am saving money. ex petrol and wear and tear on car.
In May Alanah will be 17 and can then drive herself to a job, until then she is happy with this arrangement.
I find by giving pocket money I save as when the children WANT something they can buy it themselves. They are learning to budget and the value of money.
These are life lessons that all children should be taught.

It is not all work around here.....
Look there is still water in the creek. The children enjoyed a fun
time relaxing and playing, they have made a cubby house at the creek and are loving having the water to swim in.
Well time to go and have another cuppa. It is 7am and the children
are still in bed....yep love school holidays, no rushing around just nice peace full mornings.
Blessings to all


  1. Thanks Mandy will take your advice about the hair dye. Any more helpful advice from someone with sons older than mine will be thoughtfully appreciated.
    Hugs for a great day!!

  2. Mandy, can I come to your house during the holidays? LOL.

  3. The creek is beautiful. I remember having my heart set on a house a couple of years ago because there was a creek over the road.