Monday, December 1, 2008

Pocket Money....

This is my yard from the veranda.
At the moment with all the rain we have had I think that my yard is looking
quite Park like.
O.K. Humor me it has been along time since this part of the yard was green. It is usually dirt, grass makes such a difference doesn't it.
We have spent the week-end mowing. Boy o boy there is plenty to do that's for sure but it is something i enjoy doing.

This is a Christmas wall hanging I made for my eldest daughter for Christmas.
Jess doesn't use the computer so I am safe to show you this. As Jessica has her own place now I thought it would be nice to make her a wall hanging decoration. Jessica is the one that lives in Roma.
Pocket Money....
What do you do for spending money for your children?
I am one of those mean Mums that make my children work for there PM.
Alanah 16......Washes the breakfast and tea dishes each day.
Cassie12.......Wipes up at night and takes the rubbish out daily
Robbie 10........Feeds the dogs and chooks and sets& clears the table at meal times.
William 5.......Cleans his toys up........
They all have to make there beds and keep there rooms tidy.

On Saturday they also have jobs
Alanah.....cleans bathroom and toilets
Robbie and William help Dad on the farm.
For these jobs they get
Alanah $20....Cassie & Robbie $5 and William $1
This money they spend on things they want
ex- movies,lollies,make up etc
I think it is important for children to learn to work for there money and not get things handed to them for nothing. When they finish school and are working they still help around the house as I believe as a family you work togeather.
Tomorrow I will tell you about what we do for holiday money.

The Christmas Tree is up and decorated,
it is starting to look a bit sad as I think it is time for a new one.
I say this every year and then see the price of them and think it will do another year.....
Well I'm off to the sewing room to get a few bits and pieces finished, then when the day cools again I will do some more gardening....
Have a blessed day all..........


  1. Wow! Your yard is looking great. Wish I had a bit of green around instead of red dirt.

    I am a bit naughty with pocket money. I have never made my children do work for pay, which I now know was the wrong thing to do, because it makes them lazy.

    I thought of a good little money earner for my son. We bought a dozen chickens and I told him he could take care of them and when they laid eggs, he could sell them for pocket money, but he had to do the work. He sat and worked out how much he could make and thought it was a good idea. But guess what? He has not done anything but still expects the money!

    Have a great day, I look forward to your post tomorrow.


  2. Your garden looks fantastic & yes very park like. Freshly mown green grass looks & smells fantastic.

    My children are expected to contribute every day to the running of the house they have no set pocket money but they still get plenty of reward. Our saying is many hands make light work. It also gives me a little time to enjoy things as well.

  3. Mine get pocket money but mum ends up doing all the work as usual.