Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Simpler Christmas..........

I have finnished all Present shopping for Christmas......
I'm a happy camper....
I am very pleased with my self this year in what I have accomplished with
my shopping.
Let me explain.
I have spent $800 less then I have on previous years, and no one has gone with out a thing.
The one thing I have learnt since I started reading all of your wonderful blogs is
that leading a simpler life is............ more......
I have always hated the commercialism that surrounds Christmas, but in the last five or so years I have added to it. As i just went and shopped and got way to much for way to many people.
Not this year.
I now realize why I have spent so much money.....I was lazy....
No planning just crazed shopping. I have always been a list person, as in I had a list of things to buy for each person, but I always ended up buying more.
As I mentioned on a previous blog I have made a lot of Presents this year for the older children. I have enjoyed making these things. Each thing was made with that person in mind
and made with love.
Now don't get me wrong I'm not a super mum far from it. I have young children as well that like things like Xboxes and transformers ,,jewelery, make up........ I think you get the picture.
I have still spent a lot of money. I do have a lot to buy for,but this year I dropped all the extras.
I am only buying/ making for my 8 children, three parents and one husband.
I have made a couple of extra batches of soap and have been giving soap as gifts to teachers and any extras that will pop up.
How is all your Present shopping going..........
Are you buying less this year, I would love to read about what others are doing this year different to previous years.

Today the chidren are wanting to bake. I'm talking the little ones you know what that means, sticky floors, flour every where mess,mess and more mess.
I know! I should relax more but I hate a messy kitchen, but I love that out.
Have a blessed day.


  1. This was so inspiring ! I love that people we don't even know, can make such a big change in how we do things... so thank you!

    Hun, let your little ones make a mess baking. They grow up too fast anyway and the Christmas baking memories will be well worth any temporary mess. :o)

  2. I am always thrilled to read about people making gifts. Better to give love and time - your presence not your presents!
    love and blessings x

  3. I will be the crazed one this year I have done almost no shopping and normally I am finished in october. So I will be the mad woman rushing aorund on Christmas Eve, you se daisydad works in he property industry and this year we are sailing very close to the wind money wise. SO I am patiently waiting for next week or the week after when we get a little Christmas bonus courtesy of the federal gevernment. Our kids only get a gift from Santa and a gift from us, then they draw a name amongst themselves and give a gift to that child, the only other people we buy for are daisydads parents.

    Daisydad and I usually buy something small for each other