Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summer Days..........

I have had a lovely morning out in the garden so far.
Still lots of weeding to do, but it is easy work.
While I was gardening the children where busy motor bike ridding.
Yes big children as well on small motor bikes.lol
Summer days leading up to Christmas are always long and lovely,
lazy days. Bar-b-que meals late tea times and cool nights.
Yep I love summer.

Yesterday I sat down and started on the Christmas menu's.
I am using this book this year that my son and D.I.L gave me for my b/day. It
has some great new recipes in it.
All the sweet Christmas cooking will start next week. The cake is made.
Hubby always cooks a turkey on Christmas day, so I am thinking of going with the
hot Christmas lunch this year, as we haven't done that for a few years. We tend to have seafood and salads because it is so hot.
Christmas eve all the family will be home so I think we might have the seafood for tea that night.
I have found a few recipes for Egg nog on google to make up for my Mum. If any of my readers have any great tips for egg nog please tell me about them. I'm thinking I should have a trail run first?

I am starting to get excited about Christmas, David and Jessica will be home on Saturday so they will have a week here before Christmas, it is going to be a full house this year just the way I like it..........
Blessings to all................


  1. Mandy my day was so unlike yours I wish we could ahve swapped!!! I like the look of that cook book. I am not sure what we will do have to call my Brither and see what there is in the beach house and go fromk there.


  2. What a lovely day you had!

    Those motorbikes look like fun! mr 5 is wanting one this year from santa. I told him Santa said he isn't ready for one yet, maybe when he is 6... (or 10)

  3. Ah... those were the days, when the chn were younger and finished school a couple of weeks before Christmas, with time to bake and play and swim and watch videos (preDVD)and sleep in, now I work until 19 or 21st Dec and start to feel quite stressed about all that needs to be done. I try to choose something to 'chill out' with each day, Arvo tea or blogging etc.