Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready For A Summer Holiday.

It has not been the best summer for Robbie having his arm in plaster.
He has been slowly driving me mad...which according to some family members isn't hard to do...
Tomorrow we go back to the hospital and God willing the plaster will
come off. Please pray that it does.
Then he will be able to go for a swim.
We leave for our summer holiday at the beach on Saturday, and I don't think
any of us would survive with that arm still in plaster!!!!!!
I love this holiday.........we tow the caravan to cotton tree and set up camp.
We are almost on the waters edge where our site is. I love the
relaxed atmosphere in the caravan park. Just swimming and lazy long
days. I have a bit of work to do around here first though.
David is staying in the caravan until he leaves on Friday so I will give it
a good clean out then.
I keep every thing I need in the van so all I need to pack in there is our clothes and food.
This year there will only be 3 out of 7 children with me.Less than 1/2 my family. I will have to learn to cook in smaller portions or we will be eating alot of leftovers.

Looks like today is going to be another warm day here. To all my overseas readers who are
in the middle of winter, keep warm ....

Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Back To Normal.

Chloe, Alanah, Jessica,
Robertson, Cassandra, David and William. Here are all my children together on Christmas Day.
It's not often enough any more when we are all in the one place. Jessica has gone home to Roma now and David will leave for Charters Towers at the end of the week.
I am missing them all ready......My daughter in law left for a 3 week holiday to Europe on Sunday. How blessed is she? Karen has gone with 3 other teachers she works with. My son was not interested in going at all he bought a boat instead, he is his fathers son.........
I know that he will miss her though and I wish I was with her!!!!!!

This is a small glimpse of my lounge room Christmas morning. Smiles every where and lots of fun. We all enjoy giving presents to one another as that is the best part isn't it?
Below is breakfast out in the courtyard. My husband always makes a to die for fruit salad for Christmas. We had that with pancakes and ice cream washed down with champagne and orange juice for breaky. I know wicked but so nice.

Well Christmas is over and the New Year is nearly here!
I have cleaned the house and got all the washing up to date so I am very pleased with myself.
Now I can get the caravan ready for holidays...
Have a blessed day all.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did You Have A Good Christmas.

We did!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of laughter, food and family, what a better way to celebrate.
Here is our Christmas table all set and ready to go.
Look what I got for Christmas..........Marlie the mower,
isn't he handsome.
Boy is he going to be getting a workout around here and yes I have already mowed the lawn.

We had 15 for Christmas lunch. I had to bring an other table in. The family is growing
I had all my children, my parents MIL and my brother and his wife.
This was one of the best Christmases we have had as it has been awhile since my brother has been.

All the visitors left today so things will get back to a little
normal for a few days.
I am of now to do some catch up reading of my fave blogs.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Storey Christmas Party......

We had our Storey Christmas on Sunday.
My husband is one of 10 children so it makes for a large family when we
all get together for Christmas.
7 out of ten families were there along with there
children and some grandchildren. There where 4 generations there.
Here I am with my girls.....
Cassandra, Karen, Jessica, Alanah, Me and Chloe.
It was so nice to have the family together,
I love being part of such a large family.
The children have lots of cousins to play with. So much catching up to do.

There was plenty of good Christmas goodies to eat and what would Christmas be without
water melon and a game of cricket.
Lots of pressies to open.
Grandma receiving all her presents as well.
Sunday was one of those days that you look back on when you get home and
know that it was a really great day.

Things have been busy here with everyone arriving home so my blogging has been a bit slow
but I'm sure we are all busy.
Today is lots of cleaning then tomorrow baking....
Only 3 more sleeps to go..........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

6 More Sleeps.......

I have been experimenting with lights inside this year.
The end of our dinning room gets very dark down the end so I thought
that I'd put some lights down there.
I think it looks O.K need to put a few more decorations up yet.
I was thinking that I would like to see every-ones Christmas Table all decorated up for Christmas Day. Every-one get there camera out and take photos to post after Christmas.
I couldn't wait till next week to start my Christmas cooking.
2 new recipes Hard caramels and Chocolate Mallow Fudge, I just hope they last until Christmas week.

I have been given an award from Maree at On My Veranda http://mareew.blogspot.com/
It is
The Spirit Of Christmas Award.
What a great award to get as i do love getting into Christmas.
Here are the rules for this award. You must be a true Christmas lover to receive this award. The person whom you give this award to must also be a lover of Christmas. Link back to the person who you received this award from. List 5 things you love about Christmas and pass this award on to as many people as you like from 1 to 45. But please pass on to at least one person to keep this award going...
5 Things I love About Christmas.

1. Having family and friends around me. The more the merrier.

2. Christmas presents.....making or buying the right gift for the right person.

3. Decorating....love to decorate the house and tree.

4. Cooking....All the different things you make only at Christmas.

5.Party's.....What would Christmas be without all the Christmas Party's.

It is hard to list only 5 things I love about Christmas, but there is my list, now I want to pass this on to.

daisymum @ http://daisymountain.blogspot.com/

The vintage rose @ http://teapartyland.blogspot.com/

Cee Lew @ http://ceelew.blogspot.com/

I hope you enjoy going and looking at there love of Christmas.
Now of to do some more cooking...shortbread I think today....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summer Days..........

I have had a lovely morning out in the garden so far.
Still lots of weeding to do, but it is easy work.
While I was gardening the children where busy motor bike ridding.
Yes big children as well on small motor bikes.lol
Summer days leading up to Christmas are always long and lovely,
lazy days. Bar-b-que meals late tea times and cool nights.
Yep I love summer.

Yesterday I sat down and started on the Christmas menu's.
I am using this book this year that my son and D.I.L gave me for my b/day. It
has some great new recipes in it.
All the sweet Christmas cooking will start next week. The cake is made.
Hubby always cooks a turkey on Christmas day, so I am thinking of going with the
hot Christmas lunch this year, as we haven't done that for a few years. We tend to have seafood and salads because it is so hot.
Christmas eve all the family will be home so I think we might have the seafood for tea that night.
I have found a few recipes for Egg nog on google to make up for my Mum. If any of my readers have any great tips for egg nog please tell me about them. I'm thinking I should have a trail run first?

I am starting to get excited about Christmas, David and Jessica will be home on Saturday so they will have a week here before Christmas, it is going to be a full house this year just the way I like it..........
Blessings to all................

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Madness

Cleaning is whats going on around here today..........Lots of it.
I even have the boys helping and they think there throats are cut.
Monday is always house work day.

We had a fantastic party on Saturday night in Toowoomba for a friend, it was his birthday retirement and Christmas party all in one.
We danced the night away till early morning, all the young ones left early, but us oldies kept partying.....Kids don't make them like they used to.........

Now your probably wondering why I have this photo.........Are you a Mother of teenage daughters? Well then you will understand.........

That's all the photos on my camera. What happens to the ones I take for the blog......who knows.
There is only smiling, posing teenagers instead....The one above was in with my photos and it is Chloe at work, now there wasn't just one photo...O no! There's about 20 of the darn things. Must have been a quiet day.............My girls read my blog and will have a fit when they see these photos........

Alanah went to a dinner party on Friday night , it was a formal dinner. I was trying to take some nice photos but they were playing up and doing terrible posses, so this is it........

I got lots of gardening done on Saturday no photos to show you though. There is so much weeding to do, I am getting up early and going out and getting a couple of hours done before it gets hot.........Today isn't hot though as it is pretty windy and alot cooler. Will be going out to the garden as soon as the house work is all finished.
Time to get back to it I suppose, now I've stopped for a break I don't feel like starting again.........


Friday, December 12, 2008

Crazy Weather!!!!!!!

Rain wonderful rain..........
What is it with the weather around here?
Yesterday was so hot and humid and muggy, well I don't do hot a and muggy.
To say I was in a bad mood most of yesterday is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then it rained.

I'm telling you as soon as the weather cooled so did I.
Maybe sitting on the veranda watching all the lovely water going into the tank
helped. ((((((Blast still haven't fixed the date on the camera. Really I only took these photos yesterday.Right I think I just fixed it.))))))
When I woke up this morning it was foggy and cool
complete opposite to yesterday.
I took M.I.L to town to do the shopping at 10 a.m and couldn't see a thing cause of the fog.
I also had to spend a small fortune on the pool. With all the rain you can see
that it is nearly the same colour as the grass.

We have our last Christmas party this Saturday night.
I am just about partied out....just about not quite.
Hope you all have a great week-end who knows what the weather will
be like for us in Toowoomba, every day is a surprise.......

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catch up day.........

The rain has been so good for the garden, here is the last lot of tomatoes I planted a couple of weeks ago. I have now planted out 3 lots a month apart. Hopefully this will keep me in tomatoes for a few months.

This type of vege gardening is all new to me. I think I may have mentioned before that before my Father in-law passed away I never had to worry. He was a tomato farmer and always had every other type of vege growing that he gave away to his family. Now I am having to fend for my self..

The Japanese girls all went home yesterday, lots of tears all around. I find that the students love being in the country and open space. I think we may take where we live for granted until you see it through other eyes.

Yesterday afternoon was spent up at the hospital. First we saw the doctor, and than Robbie had to get another cast on his arm, as they had only put a half one on due to the swelling. Don't you love the Christmas red he choose. Then it was down stairs to get another x-ray. Back upstairs to see the doctor again.......lots of waiting in between of course. The children where good with all the waiting. We don't have to go back until the 31st December, the doctor said that 3more weeks should be enough, so lets hope so.

After the hospital we went to target so Robbie could choose a new board game. He picked scrabble, they were up at 6 am this morning to play and are still fighting I mean playing scrabble. While in town they did their Christmas shopping for one another as well.
Remember the post I did on pocket money........well there is an update.........
After all my talk about Alanah not getting a part time job and blah,blah,blah well......ummm.....she got a job................Now in my defence it is not in town. She is working 3 mins down the road in the tomato packing shed. Alanah has worked there before over the holidays. This time though she is working full time 8.30 a.m -6p.m six days a week.... I drive her the 3mins to work and one of the neighbors drops her of on the way home........This is working for every-one. I'm not running around (I am back to doing my own baking though) she is getting some money around $400 a week which I think is very good for a 16 year old. It is long hard work with lots of people so she is learning alot working there....
I am seeing my elder children growing so quickly though. Hubby and I joke that we have two families the older ones and then the younger ones, well now I just have the younger 3 at home all day with me as the older four are all working two don't live at home any more. They are growing up to fast. I am taking each day as it comes and enjoying it, as they are growing way to fast.........

Today I have alot of house work to catch up on and hopefully if it's not to hot I will get out to the garden A nice slow day of good old fashioned work, that's how I like to spend my days.......
Have a great day every-one.......

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stockyard Stichers Christmas Party...

Meet our lovely Japanese girls they are Mai, Aya, Chisato and Yuri........

They are enjoying a fruit platter for Breakfast........I don't think I told you that Friday night at the Christmas Barby I won the fruit box in the raffle. God is good to me...........There was mango, nectarines, grapes, pineapple and so much more too much too mention .......all Australia's best fruit. The girls loved it as did we....

We had our craft Christmas party up in The Old Dairy.
So of course I had to decorate up there.
Took one of the Christmas Trees from the house up,
put up some tinsel and other decorations
to make it look the part.
I was so thankful that it was cooler for our lunch today,
there was a lovely breeze blowing as well which was a blessing.

I set the table with the gold cloth a it went well with all the white.
Every-one brought lots of Christmas goodies to eat, as we talked about what we would like to learn to do in the new year. Lots of ideas thrown around
so it will be an exciting year I think.

We all had to make our gift this year.
What a great variety we had, from scarves to cushions and even decorated coat hangers.
Every one was pleased with what they received.

I just realized that there is dates on the photos boy they're out by nearly 2 years, I'll have to work out how to change it. Might not be easy as I don't know how I put it on.......

Tomorrow I have to have the Japanese girls in to Gatton by 8 a.m
Then I need to go up to Toowoomba to take Robertson to the orthopaedic surgeon to have a look at his broken arm.
Tomorrow will be a full day I think.

Well time to get the girls to bed as they are leaving early tomorrow.

Blessings to all and thanks for the comments as I read each and every one of them.


Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Week-end

We had the Local hall Christmas Tree on Friday night,
and guess what........ we got rained out!!!!
I don't think to many people minded though as the rain was good. 30 mls we got on Friday night.
Santa came and we sang Christmas carols and the children had there bag of lollies from Santa.
Then this at the end of the night......
Yep you guessed it!
Robbie broke his wrist.
My poor little boy, one of the big boys got a bit rough with playing, it was only a accident though just boys being boys.
He is in alot of pain with it though.

The wedding on Saturday was a real heat wave as it was so hot and humid,
I felt so sorry for the men in there suits.
Below is David, Ross and Adam,the three boys were Master of Ceremonies
for the wedding, they did a great job!

This photo is for my No 1 son who had to fly home alone very early Sunday morning.
Karen is staying down now so I know that David is missing his wife.
So here son is a lovely photo from the wedding of you both.

Here is the Bride and Groom.....
The bride was stunning, the whole wedding was just lovely, and once it rained
every thing cooled down....

We got 27mls of rain on Saturday night, some of the local creeks came down
and some of the boys couldn't get home from the wedding.

We have had so much wonderful rain all week end, the place is so green its hurting my eyes.........

This after noon we are getting 4 Japanese students for a couple of days.
So today will be busy making beds and getting rooms organized for them.

I hope every one had as great a week ed as I did.
Blessing to all..........


Friday, December 5, 2008

Excitement In The House.

Big Brother is home for the week end. I know two little boys that
have missed there big brother and are excited that he is home for a couple of days. This is where I found them all this morning.

It was a late night last night, picked up David from the Brisbane airport at 10:45p.m and didn't get home till 1.30 this morning. Then of course the boys were up early to see David. And then it was the usual being boys stuff you know fighting wrestling the usual thing that boys do.

Cassandra cooked tea for us last night and did such a wonderful job.

She made pasties and a bright pink cake for desert.

She is getting to be quite the cook and loves to play restaurants. We had our meal on the veranda that she had set up with a lovely table and candles......

We have such a busy week end ahead of us.
Tonight we have our local community Christmas Tree and singing.
This is always a great night as the locals really make the effort to come. This has been running for as long as I have been here which is 21 yrs..
Tomorrow we have a wedding on, that's the reason that David came home. He is M.C at the wedding. David will be flying back home on Sunday morning at 6a.m.
Sunday I am meant to be going to the north coast for a memorial service, at the moment I am in two minds as to go or not. My grand father who is 87 wants me to come........But Monday I have to pick up four Japanese students that are staying here until Wednesday.
The memorial service doesn't start until 4p.m which means that I will have to stay over night and leave very early Monday to get back for the students.............
Are you getting the picture of what the next few days are like for me.

David has gone of to help the boys get ready for the wedding tomorrow, I will take lots of photos to share with you all. I am of to town now to do the grocery shopping as we are getting low on baking stuff. Then I must be up at he hall by 3p.m to get the bread rolls buttered and all the food ready, not just me........ there is alot of ladies that turn up to help.
I hope you are all looking forward to your week end.
I am, having my big boy home is enough......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well I am finely catching up on Tags and awards......I no not before time. Daisymum
Has given me the Marie Antoinette keeping it real award, thanks for this Daisymum.
I do try to keep my blog real even though my Son commented that I sound like a nice Mum when he reads my blog. I informed him that I am nice!!!.....thank you young man wait till you get home and I will show you nice...........
Now where was I ....yes being tagged.
Lynda from Remote Tree Changer tagged me and the questions were..
Six things I value....
My freedom to go to church with out fear.
My Husband.
My family.
That I am able to stay at home and not have to go to work.
Knowing that I am truly loved.
All my blogging friends.
Six things I don't support.
Telemarketers arghhhhhhh
I was also tagged by daisymum for six things I'm Happy about.....
All my family have good health.......
School holidays
My eldest son and daughter in law will be home this week-end
It's nearly Christmas
The rain
All that God has blessed me with ...........
I am to pass these tags on......if you would like to do them consider your self tagged........
I was also given a GREEN AWARD from Nicole at http://nicolestudio.blogspot.com.au for the life of me I can not work out how to link back, as soon as I work it out I will follow this through as it is a great meme.....
Thank you ladies for the awards and tags..

A Simpler Christmas..........

I have finnished all Present shopping for Christmas......
I'm a happy camper....
I am very pleased with my self this year in what I have accomplished with
my shopping.
Let me explain.
I have spent $800 less then I have on previous years, and no one has gone with out a thing.
The one thing I have learnt since I started reading all of your wonderful blogs is
that leading a simpler life is............ more......
I have always hated the commercialism that surrounds Christmas, but in the last five or so years I have added to it. As i just went and shopped and got way to much for way to many people.
Not this year.
I now realize why I have spent so much money.....I was lazy....
No planning just crazed shopping. I have always been a list person, as in I had a list of things to buy for each person, but I always ended up buying more.
As I mentioned on a previous blog I have made a lot of Presents this year for the older children. I have enjoyed making these things. Each thing was made with that person in mind
and made with love.
Now don't get me wrong I'm not a super mum far from it. I have young children as well that like things like Xboxes and transformers ,,jewelery, make up........ I think you get the picture.
I have still spent a lot of money. I do have a lot to buy for,but this year I dropped all the extras.
I am only buying/ making for my 8 children, three parents and one husband.
I have made a couple of extra batches of soap and have been giving soap as gifts to teachers and any extras that will pop up.
How is all your Present shopping going..........
Are you buying less this year, I would love to read about what others are doing this year different to previous years.

Today the chidren are wanting to bake. I'm talking the little ones you know what that means, sticky floors, flour every where mess,mess and more mess.
I know! I should relax more but I hate a messy kitchen, but I love cooking........work that out.
Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pocket Money part 2

I have really enjoyed making Christmas Presents this year. I have got
a real enjoyment from it. I think as the children get older they are easier to
buy/make things for.
Above is my secret Santa for craft. This year I suggested we make our pressie
as we are a craft group. I made a cup cake pincushion and a stocking
bag to match.
Pocket Money
Each summer holidays we go to the beach for the last 3 weeks.
We take the caravan up and just chill.
But being on holidays and in a town where there
are shops the children like to buy things as children do.
So I have what I call holiday jobs.
These are bigger jobs that they can do to earn spending money for the coast.
Here is yesterdays examples of what they did.
Alanah.......she is doing the baking each day for morning and afternoon teas, above is the yesterdays biscuits.
Cassie.........Vacuum the house and clean the family room.
Robbie.......worked in the garden and helped me move some mulch.
William.......also hindered, I mean helped me in the garden.
Doing these jobs are optional for them, but they understand no work no holiday money. I find by the end of the holidays I am running out of jobs for them to do.
For the extra jobs I pay them as soon as the jobs are finished, as they see that there work has been rewarded. I keep $1, $2, $5 coins and notes on hand and pay according to the job.
So yesterday
Robbie received $5 as he worked hard most of the day.
Cassie received $2 as her job was easier
William received $1 for helping mum.
Alanah will get an extra $20 a week.
It may seem alot to pay Alanah $40 -$50 a week, let me explain.
Alanah is 16 and wanting part time work for the holidays, this will mean ME MUM
having to go up the range to drop her at job and then go back to pick her up.
By giving her a good allowance I am saving money. ex petrol and wear and tear on car.
In May Alanah will be 17 and can then drive herself to a job, until then she is happy with this arrangement.
I find by giving pocket money I save as when the children WANT something they can buy it themselves. They are learning to budget and the value of money.
These are life lessons that all children should be taught.

It is not all work around here.....
Look there is still water in the creek. The children enjoyed a fun
time relaxing and playing, they have made a cubby house at the creek and are loving having the water to swim in.
Well time to go and have another cuppa. It is 7am and the children
are still in bed....yep love school holidays, no rushing around just nice peace full mornings.
Blessings to all

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pocket Money....

This is my yard from the veranda.
At the moment with all the rain we have had I think that my yard is looking
quite Park like.
O.K. Humor me it has been along time since this part of the yard was green. It is usually dirt, grass makes such a difference doesn't it.
We have spent the week-end mowing. Boy o boy there is plenty to do that's for sure but it is something i enjoy doing.

This is a Christmas wall hanging I made for my eldest daughter for Christmas.
Jess doesn't use the computer so I am safe to show you this. As Jessica has her own place now I thought it would be nice to make her a wall hanging decoration. Jessica is the one that lives in Roma.
Pocket Money....
What do you do for spending money for your children?
I am one of those mean Mums that make my children work for there PM.
Alanah 16......Washes the breakfast and tea dishes each day.
Cassie12.......Wipes up at night and takes the rubbish out daily
Robbie 10........Feeds the dogs and chooks and sets& clears the table at meal times.
William 5.......Cleans his toys up........
They all have to make there beds and keep there rooms tidy.

On Saturday they also have jobs
Alanah.....cleans bathroom and toilets
Robbie and William help Dad on the farm.
For these jobs they get
Alanah $20....Cassie & Robbie $5 and William $1
This money they spend on things they want
ex- movies,lollies,make up etc
I think it is important for children to learn to work for there money and not get things handed to them for nothing. When they finish school and are working they still help around the house as I believe as a family you work togeather.
Tomorrow I will tell you about what we do for holiday money.

The Christmas Tree is up and decorated,
it is starting to look a bit sad as I think it is time for a new one.
I say this every year and then see the price of them and think it will do another year.....
Well I'm off to the sewing room to get a few bits and pieces finished, then when the day cools again I will do some more gardening....
Have a blessed day all..........