Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are home (sighhhhh)
I must say I am very pleased to be home,as 4 weeks is to long to
be away.
Just a quick blog to say hello and show some holiday photos.
I will be sitting up late tonight reading though.
Look at my husband he is so dark in this photo, the water was perfect every day. Life was hard swimming and lazing on the beach.
Life in the caravan park,
cricket every after noon of course with the dads sitting back and watching.

Be back on Monday, have a great week end all.



  1. It is just so hot here today Mandy. My daughter went fishing at the river today and she said the water was cold. I'm just waiting for the sun to go down, shouldn't be long now.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time, but I agree... it's always good to get home and rest after all that relaxing!
    Welcome back!

  3. oooh I missed you so much welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Oh, what a lovely relaxing holiday. Kids do love the communcal activities of a caravan park don't they!

  5. sounds like you all had a great time now you just need a few days to get over it, i am alwasy tired when we get back from holidays :o)

  6. Linda, I can't beleive how hot it is in some places today. We went to Toowoomba for church today and it was cool how crazy is that....
    Enjoying catching up with you all so much to take in as you have all been so busy...
    Thanks for the welcome home girls.

  7. Welcome home Mandy. It is good to read of you again.

    I have been catching up on my blogging on the holidays and have probably a million posts for you to read now.

    It is extremely hot down here in Adelaide. 39deg today seems like a cool change - well almost.