Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canal ware.....

For the last month I have
been telling you that I'm doing Canal ware at craft,
so I thought it was time to show you something.........
Canal ware is a very bright form of painting. It reminds me
of gypsy caravans....You paint onto dark back grounds, red, dark green and black.
We just practised yesterday on boards........I am hooked.
The photos were a bit glarey ,sorry about that, it takes away from the bad painting.
Painting has never been one of my things....but I really enjoyed this. It is
different from folk art, not as particular, faster moving and more care free I would
say, which suits me......

I have lots of practising to do, as I can't get the hang of
the daisy's, every-one else found them the easiest to do............
The circles are the start of the roses and then you build your rose up
from there, they are alot easier.........

No guesses as to what I will be doing today?
After the housework of course....


  1. I LOVE Canal Ware... and you're doing fantastic with it!
    I was thinking that this might be an art project for some of my
    I know they would love the colours and just getting into it!

  2. Hi Mandy

    I'd never heard of Canal ware before. You're doing a great job for a beginner, keep it up. I'm going to google it to see some more.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. They look superb - we have lots of canals near us, and the narrowboats look so pretty with the painted roses.
    Well done!
    blessings x

  4. Looks like fun Mandy - I like the roses!

  5. Mandy, those look great--even your daisies. You must be one very organized lady to get so much done in a day--and have time to post about it, too!
    You are an inspiration!