Friday, May 8, 2009

Did you miss me????

I missed you all!!!!
My Internet hasn't been working for the last two days
and boy o boy did I miss it...
I wonder what I did before I learnt about blogging????

I have been busy though, knitting.
My scarf is all finished, and It
is now on it's way to my Mum for
Mothers Day.
I am going to make myself one as well as hubby,
he reckons he'll wear one(we'll see)
I have been busy mulching the garden beds.
There is alot to do when you do them all at once, so
it will take a good week to get them all done.

This is a quick post as Cassie has friends sleeping over
tonight and I have to get ready for that....
To all the Mums out there
have a wonderful
Mothers Day...


  1. It's horrible when your internet goes down isn't it, you feel like your arm has been cut off! Your gardens are looking great Mandy.

  2. Your garden bed looks like it is in a heart shape. Is it??
    Very nice & a very happy mothers day to you too!!.

  3. Great looking scarf, Mandy. If you ever do a giveaway, that would be a nice gift! Hint, Hint! *smile*

  4. I bet you got heaps done with the Internet not the scarf ... you will be needing one for sure...!!gardens are looking great..yep did miss your absence...Happy Mothers Day to You too...

  5. Funnily enough, when my computer was down, I got nothing accomplished, because i just wandered around aimlessly and sobbed a lot!

    Good for you though! I love the scarf and listen to Homestay Mama.. she's a smart woman! I need to mulch my beds, so I might get around to it tomorrow. maybe.

    Have a lovely Mother's Day, my friend!

  6. Hi Mandy

    Internet woes are the worst!


    (and yes I did miss you - I always wonder what people are up to when they dont post daily.)