Monday, May 25, 2009

A Full Week-end.......

I feel like I spent all week-end at soccer...
Saturday we had the usual games of soccer,
in the cold and wet.
Sunday Robbie had try outs for an under 11 rep team.
At least it wasn't raining on Sunday.just cold..
He made the team so it was all worth it..One happy boy.
Congratulations Robbie....
On the way home we stopped by the markets as they were
closing and look what we found...
Meet Rocky the rooster....
Robbie has wanted to get a new rooster since
Beautiful Bruce dropped dead...
Rocky is very tame and loves to be held.......guess
what I woke up to at 5am though, it was still dark.
I must say he does have a good crow...

In between soccer and birthday party's on Saturday
we got our first beast killed...Now I have to be honest here
I didn't take the photo!!!!!! I couldn't look in the
cold room, Robbie took the
should see the rest that he took......better you don't, lets
just say 11yr old boy with camera in cold room
I think you get the idea...
Alanah said she is going vegetarian....I will eat it
that's not a problem. In fact knowing that it is our own beef makes
it all the better.
I have to pack it on Tuesday.....I won't be blogging until
Wednesday as Tomorrow will be a full day.

With the weather getting cooler it's time to
get out the flannelet sheets.
The beds are getting to chilly at night now for cotton.
Won't be much longer and we will be lighting the fire place.
Sunday afternoon we cleaned out the fire box
and brought in a large pile of wood. I have decided not
to light it until after the meat is all packed away
though, that way the kitchen is still cool.
The family room becomes my favourite room
in winter. Below you can see how the sun
streams in through all the windows. On the drying rack you
can see some jumpers, it was time to get them out of the cupboard
and wash them all up as well. They dried really fast in
this room...

I'm going to make myself a cuppa coffee
and catch up with what you did on the
week-end now...
Blessings to all....I'll be back Wednesday...


  1. Your son looks like his father - a lot! Home grown beef IS a blessing.

  2. I ate home grown beef as a child--and it was good!

    Cute son! My niece has pet chickens too! Who'd think that a chicken would like to be stroked, but they seem to like it as well as a cat or a dog! :-)

  3. Hello
    This was my first visit to your lovely blog.I had such a great time.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life ,I love simple .
    Blessings of joy to you .

  4. You have such a comfy and cozy blog
    love it:)