Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Garden Tour.....

Yesterday I went for a drive to my parents place,
come with me for a look.
After dropping Alanah at T.A.F.E. I set off to Cooyar, it
is only 90 kms from Toowoomba so it only takes me a bit over on hour to
get there.

Through Crows Nest and straight past
Salt's Antiques which was very hard not stopping
but I used all my willpower, also I had stopped at
the bead shop at Highfeilds and well not alot of cash left after that little stop!!!!!
Cooyar has a pub on one side and shop/post office/petrol station on
the other, blink and you will miss it.
Turn up and drive a bit over the hill and
we are here.....
Looking at the place now you would never know it was on
old hall before, would you......

My parents are really an inspiration to me,
in every thing you see here they have made them selves.
Dad revamped the hall inside and out.
Below is some photos of around the garden
(clicking on the photos will enlarge them)
Left to right
This is looking down to the garden,as you can see
it is very dry as they don't get much rain at all.
Looking from the bottom of the garden up to the house,
and there Bar-b-que area.

When ever Mum sees an idea either her or Dad will
go and make some thing. Dad made all the bird houses for Mum.
The out door seat and trolley to stop and
have a cuppa and work out what cuttings I need.
The wild bird feeder and purple arbour behind it.

A wagon for the front garden with chrysatheums growing around it. A Dove
coat for the side garden, and the most wonderful
garden art yet a rusty ball of barbed wire. I have to make one
of these isn't it fantastic...

Well that is Mums garden, you can see
where I get the gardening bug from.
Remembering that the only water they have is tank water.
Most of Mums garden started with cuttings from my
garden alot of saliva's, lavender, succulents,geraniums,
natives and buddlia tress.
I have to show you the lead light windows in the
Lodge before we end this tour.

The front door.........................The front room ................

Kitchen windows........ windows around top of Lodge...

Being an old Masonic Lodge the windows
are all around the top.
And yes Dad did all the lead lighting as well.
I hope you enjoyed your visit with me
and the tour around my Mum's garden....


  1. WOW!! When I go through Cooyar I see this little house & I always have thought to myself "Well theirs a real HOME" it always looks real welcoming & inviting. You see when I take horses from here back home I need to stop there to get their tick clearance. I think next time I pass I'll wave then your folks will wonder who the CRAZY lady is!!LOL

  2. Yeh they'll say there's another one of Mandy's friends!!!!LOL

  3. It's always lovely to see and hear of ones who have put together what they find and can make and turn it into a home.

    I especially love the little shed with the sink and bar-b-que, it's just delightful.


  4. Mandy, your parents house looks fantastic as does the garden. Im so envious of your mum's birdhouses, I have shown my DH a picture of one I want him to make for me, that was over 12 months ago lol. The lead lighting is beautiful how clever is your dad.
    We have a lady in town that teaches lead lighting I think it would be interesting to do.

    I once stayed in the Cooyar pub when I was in the army we were taking ammunition from Wallangarra to Townsville and spent our first night there, I remember it was quite cold but I had such a good nights sleep really warm and cosy and really nice food.

  5. I have enjoyed your tour, thanks Mandy.

    Your parents have their own lovely little paradise there.

  6. Thanks for the Wonderful Tour can certainley see where you get your Gardening Genes from...

  7. That was a delightful tour. Your Mom and Dad's house is just the cutest! I especially liked the potting shed. I also noticed quite a few water cisterns--so obviously that area is dry.