Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Alanah-May

17 today....

How quickly these last 17 yrs have gone.

Alanah you have always been a special child, quick to smile

and to tease.

You have a soft heart, and always

go out of your way to help others..

Psalms says that happy is the man that gives...

If this is the secret to happiness, than you will always be happy.

Continue to dream and to follow those dreams....Keep your eyes

on the goal that you have set for yourself and

continue to work towards it.

It wasn't hard to find photos of you as you are always taking
them, so I thought that I would use some of my favourites.

God Bless you today Alanah....

Enjoy this your special day.

Blessings and Love



  1. sorry to hear is in Hosp..hope he is recovery quickly...lovely pics of Alanah...Gorgeous Girl..hope she has a Great Day..
    take care Mandy

  2. What lovely pics of your beautiful daughter. It's not hard to be loving if you are loved. You are obviously proud parents and rightly so. Happy Birthday, girl!

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Happy Birthday Alanah!

    What a lovely daughter you have! Am I right in thinking that she looks a lot like her mama? ;-)

  4. so girls is 17, too
    i can't believe truly has flown ^o^

  5. Your daughter looks a lot like you! Happy Birthday, Alanah!

    Praying for your hubby!

  6. Hope your husband is home soon for you all.
    what a gorgeous and what sounds like a wonderful young lady you have.
    Happy birthday Alanah.

    Joanne x

  7. Oh she's got the Geminian qualities! You must be so proud, she is just beautiful! Time flies just so fast!