Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A ME DAY......................

I have spent my extra day up at my
sewing room. I didn't realize it was a long week-end,
so after a busy week-end with Soccer on Saturday, a barby lunch
with friends on Sunday.......Taking the boys to the airport to look at
all the planes.I spent Monday doing ME things up at
The Old Dairy.

There was gardening to do as everything has taken of. So I did
lots of pruning and weeding. I have to move 2 roses
that are getting crowed out at the front fence, so they will also go
into this garden.........sometime this week.....

I got The Old Dairy cleaned inside and out. I am such a
messy sewer! There was stuff every where. I got
the last of the girls P.Js made, so all are happy and warm in there beds..
Below is my sunny sewing spot, with a clean table I might add.
Some times the sun is so bright I have to move the table back,
which isn't a problem as I put wheels on it for that reason.
After I had finished all my pottering around, I came down to the house
and watched "Gardening Australia" (that I missed Sat night and Sun arvo.)
Tea that night was very simple, Frozen meat pies with mashed potatoes,peas ,corn and
gravy, simple but good...Then Greg and I watched a movie
while I got alot of knitting done,than off to bed.
This morning a feel like I have been away for a weeks holiday, so
I think my ME day did the trick....

To the rest of my fellow Aussies, I hope they enjoyed there long weekend!
To my readers from every where else I'm sorry you didn't
get one!!!! But I bet you had a good weekend any way.
Blessings to all


  1. I started working in my garden--pulling weeds. But after only a couple of hours it started to rain. And then it began to really rain hard! And it's been raining ever since. But that's Spring for ya in the Pacific Northwest! Sunny one day and then rainy for the next week or so! LOL But I enjoyed reading about your long weekend.

  2. Hi Mandy

    What a lovely way to spend the weekend. This coming weekend (& Mothers Day) I intend to do very little. I have two weekends away again before the month end so I need to rest up.

    Finally finished the post on our holiday so check it out.

    Cheers - Joolz