Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quiet day today I think...

I managed to survive the week-end of Cassie's sleep over..

The theme was a Pyjama Party.........
My laundry was turned into the dressing room and makeup room. The girls
all dressed up in vintage pyjamas that I had collected from the 2nd hand
shops..We had bed jackets from the 60s, lacy little numbers from the 70s
they had so much fun. They finally went to sleep at 2.30........

Last Autumn I brought this Japanese Maple tree, as I love the colours that it
turns....I'm still waiting for the leaves to turn red on
it though. While at the 2nd hand shops I stocked
up on old blankets and sheets to use on the fruit trees and
hedgers to protect them from the frost...I lost alot of things last year to the
frost and I aren't taking any chances this year...

Tomorrow I am of to Cooyar to visit my Mum and Dad..
I haven't been out there for awhile. I am going to take my camera and
give you a tour of her garden it is so inspiring....
That's Mum below, her house is an old Masonic Lodge that they did up.
It is truly amazing!!!!

Today I have a sick boy home so I won't be getting all
the gardening done I thought I would.....May-
be lots of knitting and cartoons are the order for the day..

Have a great day all....



  1. Your a very fun aussie christian mum no doubt! :-)

    hope your boy gets better soon!


  2. Bad luck about the sick boy but a good excuse to sit quietly for the day. How I'd love that.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. Love the pj's!!!!!!!