Monday, June 29, 2009

Pruning and Playing.......

Big brother David flew in Saturday and brought his
wii with him...........hmmmmm that really doesn't sound right does it
I'm glad it's spelt different. lol.....David spent Sunday at the hospital
with his Dad, they both needed to spend time together alone....
Then last night we all played tennis and bowling...O.K I now
know what every-one is raving about...It was so much
fun, I haven't laughed that much in a long time.....Above David and Chloe
are still playing and it was 10:30 p.m by this time........David, Chloe and
Alanah left for the coast this morning.......The girls will
be back Wednesday and Karen and David will be back again next Saturday...
Meanwhile I have been busy in the Garden.
I love pruning plants and sometimes I get a little carried away.

Like Today..
I loved this topiary, but it was getting to big and was full of
wasp I decided it had to go!!!!!!!!!
Now it looks so bare..
Can you see the size it was, The second photo is taken from in the house
and you can see part of it in the right hand corner. Then above is the stump
and my bare garden.I'm not sure I like it....
Below is the ball of green...see it was getting way to big.

I will plant something else there, I'm just not to sure what!!!
While out in garden I spied the first of the
hyacinths coming through around the rose bushes.
I have finished pruning all the roses
in the garden, as you can see there is already
new growth on them.....I love the winter garden
when all is pruned and asleep...

Then in other parts of the garden it is confusing
as some of the clivias are starting to flower
I even found a jonquil in amidst the naturism's while weeding.
As you see we all a great week-end
lots of gardening, planting and lots of playing.
I hope you all had a great week-end as well...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One day sunny the next day.......

Freezing cold.........
I know that it is winter, but yesterday was
such a beautiful sunny day that I gardened all morning.
I decided that this garden needed edging.
This garden is at the side of the Dairy and gets alot of shade,
I had to move two of the hydrangeas as they weren't doing too well, they
were behind the bath so I moved them to the front.
Below is a before photo. Lots of weeds growing up here
in the grass as well. The ground is still so wet from last weeks rain
that they were easy to pull out. I used the last of these pavers to do this boarder
I will be keeping my eye out for some more as I love
the look they give. All I need to do now is mulch this garden.

Every-thing is doing so well up in the Old Dairy's garden,
the lavender is in flower and looks lovely waving in the breeze.

The nasturtiums have gone mad in the front where
it gets sun all day. This garden is very overgrown with them
but I leave them there as the nasturtiums protect the roses, day lilies,
geraniums and saliva's from the frost. Yes under that mess lurks all those plants.

All the roses are giving there final display before finishing
for the winter.
All in all I had a wonderful morning digging and getting my
self all dirty, soothing to the soul to be in the dirt and working..
I was planing to go out again cold I think I will catch up
on a few odd jobs in the house before I head to the hospital.
The fridge needs a good clean out, and the
pantry needs a tidy up as well. Always plenty to
do in the house.
I hope every-one has a blessed day,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School Holidays..........

Hi every-one, I can't believe it has been so long
since I blogged, I have to admit that
I missed you guys....
It is finally school holidays again, it has been along term and
I am pleased they are here. Today we should be leaving for our fishing holiday,
but life has other plans for us. The children are O.K about not going away,
they just want to spend time with there big brother, and he will be
down on Saturday to visit before he goes to the coast.

Robbie and William have decided to make some bike jumps,

that 's what there doing in the above photo, digging all the dirt out to move.Yes we have had

one accident already, Will put the handle bars into his tummy..... and they think I'm mean for

telling them they can't take there motor bikes over them...boys......

Below every-one is cuddled up and watching

the movie Journey To The Centre of The Earth......3d version,

should have heard the screams coming from down there, this was such a good

fun family movie that we all enjoyed, even me...

Greg is doing so much better at the moment. Let me
tell you that the end of last week was the
scariest week of my life......I won't go into details but
to say Wednesday night late the hospital called me to tell me I had better
get up there.......I thank God that he gave me a strong husband
that is putting up one hell of a fight....and he's winning. Yesterday for the first time
in 3 weeks he was able to walk around, he reckons he'll be back
to chasing me around in no time!!!!!
I want to thank you all for your messages of love, support and
prayer that you have left me. They have meant so much to me knowing that
Greg is in your thoughts and prayers....
Today the sun is shinning for the first time in days
so I think I am going to go out into the
garden and pull some weeds and get some fresh air and sunshine...
Enjoy your day...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi every-one......

I haven't had much to post about
the last couple of days as I have been at the hospital.
Greg is still very sick, so I've just been sitting with him.
I did get away a little before I had to get the kids from school
and go to my local patchwork store called Precious Time
that has moved just near the hospital, nice
of them hey!
I got this Melly & Me pattern at the Patchwork Angel some
time ago, so I thought today I would get the material
to make it.
These are Moda fabrics I love the purple in them, I
am having a real purple phase at the moment.
Now all I need is some time in the sewing room to sew.....
Meanwhile I'm knitting still, and working on my "Paper Bag swap"
Sorry that's all I can say about it except the chocolates
are long gone.....

Now I'm going to visit some of my favorite
blogs, then a early night is in store for me..........

Blessings to all


Monday, June 15, 2009

I thought after Thursdays rant and
messy rooms I would show you a clean room....This is my lounge room....and at the moment my sanctuary.
I have cleaned this room, and winterized it.
Down came the summer curtains and the summer paintings.
Up went the winter curtains and wall hangings.
I am the type of person that needs a change regularly, I love to
change the soft furnishing when the season changes.

I can cope with one room clean a place to go and sit
and relax..this is that room.
Thank you to all my wonderful blogging friends that
left me words of encouragement and wisdom....I know
alot of you are also going through hard times as well, yet you take
the time to love and encourage others....what a blessed community
we all have in blog land...

Yesterday I got to talk with the doctor and even though things aren't what we wanted to
hear I feel so much better......They have finely told us that they
really don't know how to treat this growth in Greg's liver as they can not find
a antibiotic to fight it.....At least they have been honest
and told us what is happening......So it looks like Greg could be
in there alot longer...They can't operate as he won't survive a operation
with his kidneys and liver not working well....
Yet through all this we have a real peace now......yesterday at church
one of the things our pastor said was: we can't rely on
man as man at some point will let you down as that is only human.....Doctors
are only human too and I suppose we thought they would have
all the answers.........they don't....
But I know that God does and we just have to trust in him....and
now knowing that....... we have a freedom....Our future is Gods worry now, not
ours..that's the freedom we have found, and it feels good.....

The wall hangings are ones I have made over the years,
just thought that I would share them with you, as they are what
I have out up on the lounge room walls to winterize them.

I hope every-one had a good week-end, and got all you
wanted to get done.....done.
Blessings to all

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running on empty.......

At least that's how I'm feeling...
Maybe it's that it is nearly mid year and I know that
I usually feel ready for a break at this time of year.
I am tired and am not getting any where most days.
These photos are of the boys room and no only two are in there not six.
I have not seen that floor for 2 weeks I kid you not, and the rest of the house isn't much better.
I have taken the sheets of the bed to wash, at lest I'm on top of the laundry.
So there you have it the real me mess and all, I have been working on the lounge room and family room this morning and they are
looking better..I don't cope real well when there is mess all around,which
probably explains why I am feeling so over whelmed..
What with assignments, exams,homework and not getting home real
early when we have been to the hospital it is all getting a bit.....well much...
Exams finish this week so that will be a bit of breathing space, and
then next week is the last week of school.
When Greg gets out of hospital you won't get me in that car again
for a long time as I'm sick of driving. It is a 40 min trip from here to the hospital each day
and so some days I am spending 2 hours in the car if I get the children
from school and take them back to visit dad.

Sorry that this post is a bit of a rant, but hey, please tell me others
have bad times to, I suppose that's life isn't it the
ups and downs. When I can see the boys floor then I'm
sure I'll also see that light at the end of the tunnel....
Blessings to all.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swap,soap,sitting area and soccer..........

Look what goodies arrived all the way from

New Zealand......They are from my "paper bag" swap partner.

I would love to show you what I sent her only......

I forgot to take a photo!!!!!!I know not the first time.

You can visit and have a look here at what I sent.

I already know what I am going to make from this wonderful
lot of goodies, so I can't wait to
get to the sewing room and start, may-be tomorrow...

Yesterday was crazy, busy for me.

First I had craft where I showed the ladies how to
make soap. They have been wanting to learn for ages.
This time I put some paprika in it for colouring,I love the swirl effect that it gives.
Below is straight out of the mould and above, cut into bars.

After craft it was up to the hospital to see my darling, who
surprised me by getting out of bed and walking around a bit.......
He finely looks like he is on the mend.......the fact that we are
supposed to be leaving on the 23rd of this
month for our yearly fishing holiday probably has a lot to do with it...
At 3p.m it was over to the school to get the children than back to
the hospital to visit there Dad...It took me 1 hour to
get to the school and back at that time of day...
Then home by 5:30 homework and tea....Crawled into bed at 9p.m.

This morning though I felt much better. I let the children sleep in
than took them to school as I had to take Alanah to T.A.F.E
Visited Greg again for awhile, and then look what
I found. My handy man had pulled down the old birdcage and
even set up the table and chairs for me(I love this fellow)
Doesn't it look so much better. Above is the view from
the side veranda, it has opened all the
garden up and made it so neat.
Love it, only it is to cold and windy to sit out there
today and have a cuppa...

Robbie had a great day away on Monday..
They made it to the semi-finals, not bad for a team that
has only had one practice. Here he is in his Toowoomba uniform
with his certificate..

This afternoon I've been catching up on washing,folding

and general housework, but the housework is very patient with

me as no matter how long I take it is still waiting for me.......

Have a great day all



Monday, June 8, 2009


What a perfect winters day it is today....
A good time to be out in the garden, but first I thought that I would catch
up on some friends in blog land.
I haven't had much of a chance to visit the last couple of weeks and
every one has been so busy.
Then it was out to the garden...
Here the old bird cage....
It has just become a dumping ground, so
today being a public holiday for the Queens Birthday
I thought that we would clean it up...
I am going to pull it down some time this week, I think I will convert it into
a green house for my seedlings, until then I will store
it in the shed.....
I am going to turn this into a lovely sitting area as
it is near the pool and the rain forest section of the garden.

In winter there isn't alot to do in the garden once I have
mulched and pruned, so I do alot of planning and dreaming...
I would like to redo the back yard, you know move a ton of soil
put in some steps, new gardens, move the clothes line...then
there is the vege garden.....
I have big dreams this winter all I need
is some heavy machinery........Poor Greg lucky he is in hospital
cause he keeps clutching his chest every time I tell
him my ideas.....All I need is a bobcat and backhoe really don't know
what all the fuss is about!!!!!!!!

Above is a picture of my Lemonade Tree....I need some advice.
All these branches are growing from the graft, and every branch has these
great big thorns on them....what I am wondering is..........
Does a lemonade tree have thorns? I don't think so ...
Is the graft growing and if it is should I just dig the tree out
and buy another one.....So if any-one can help me out here
I would appreciate it....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterday was one of those full days in town.

First up I went to school as Williams grade 1 class was

leading Assembly.

He looked so tiny up there on stage, and even got to introduce

one of the teachers, so using the mic was the highlight

of his day....

(For some reason blogger loaded the other photo last..)

Then it was of to take Robbie to the dentist, that was the last apt

thank goodness. I have been going to the dentist weekly

for about 6 weeks But we are all drilled and filled for

another year..

Spent the rest of the day at the hospital with Greg,

I am getting alot of knitting done, nearly got my scarf finished.

Winter is here, that's for sure...
The wood is all chopped and stacked thanks to my
wonderful handy- man Andy
The days are crisp and the nights are
very cold....Wonderful weather..
This is my wood heater through the year, now
it's time to clean it off and get the
fire going....That's Today's job...

I am enjoying being at home and catching
up on the house work..I am able to slow down,
I even got out in the garden for half an hour early this is looking to being a good day.
I will go the the hospital later in the
day before soccer practise.
And I must do some grocery shopping as the
fruit and vege are getting low....

(Look at that worried face...)
I hope you all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saturdays Bargains.....

Thought that I would show you my bargains from
Saturday....The teapot I am going to paint Canal ware style.
I am on the look out now for enamel ware so I can paint it..
Don't you love the box......
All it needs is a good scrub down, a lick of paint and
new rope handles. I love the sections inside I can see all my wool
stacked lovingly in here....
The rocking chair is in great condition and a real bargain
at $30.....I have it sitting in the kitchen next to the fire, my new
favorite place to sit and knit....I just realized
that I also got a fantastic cane laundry basket....O well
I will show it another time...

On the gardening side of things,
I have had to cover my hedge this year
as last year it got frosted to the ground, I have covered it with
Hessian, also the mango tree has been covered...
Hopefully this will save them a bit...
I have also planted out 8 new saliva's that I got over
a week ago, good timing too as it is raining here.

It looks like Greg will be in hospital for another week yet,
as they need to still sort the infection out in his knee..
This morning he was alot better and more like
his normal self......Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers
they are working......
(((((((A note from Alanah........Thank you for all the B/day wishes
and I look nothing like Mum....)))))))

Blessings to all

Monday, June 1, 2009

Garage Sale....

This is how you celebrate birthdays in hospital....
Pizza and mud cake dosn't get much better than that.....
Saturday was a very full day...
We had our community Garage Sale. It was alot
of fun and we had people from Toowoomba and Gatton areas
come and have a look.
Our local craft group had a stall
and we displayed our quilts that we made.
We met some new ladies that have just moved
to the area and are going to come along. That was our
main aim to met new people as we have had quite a few move
to this area in the last 6 months.

I have to admit I spent more than I made........
I will show you my goodies later in the week.

Hello to my new readers, I will get to visit you soon
and say hello.....I want to say Hello to my dear friend Angie
that I never ring often enough......sure am missing you at the
moment though......
Greg is still in hospital, he is getting worse instead of better. As
one infection cleans up another one comes along. Poor darling is in a wheel chair
as he has a infection in his knee and can't walk.
At least the pain as dulled alot and he has his sense of
humor back........But boy am I ever missing him annoying me
not that I would admit to that......

My coffee cup is empty so I had
better get back to the house work, I haven't done much
in the last week, so you can imagine what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings to all