Monday, June 8, 2009


What a perfect winters day it is today....
A good time to be out in the garden, but first I thought that I would catch
up on some friends in blog land.
I haven't had much of a chance to visit the last couple of weeks and
every one has been so busy.
Then it was out to the garden...
Here the old bird cage....
It has just become a dumping ground, so
today being a public holiday for the Queens Birthday
I thought that we would clean it up...
I am going to pull it down some time this week, I think I will convert it into
a green house for my seedlings, until then I will store
it in the shed.....
I am going to turn this into a lovely sitting area as
it is near the pool and the rain forest section of the garden.

In winter there isn't alot to do in the garden once I have
mulched and pruned, so I do alot of planning and dreaming...
I would like to redo the back yard, you know move a ton of soil
put in some steps, new gardens, move the clothes line...then
there is the vege garden.....
I have big dreams this winter all I need
is some heavy machinery........Poor Greg lucky he is in hospital
cause he keeps clutching his chest every time I tell
him my ideas.....All I need is a bobcat and backhoe really don't know
what all the fuss is about!!!!!!!!

Above is a picture of my Lemonade Tree....I need some advice.
All these branches are growing from the graft, and every branch has these
great big thorns on them....what I am wondering is..........
Does a lemonade tree have thorns? I don't think so ...
Is the graft growing and if it is should I just dig the tree out
and buy another one.....So if any-one can help me out here
I would appreciate it....


  1. Hi Mandy, a little help for your tree.
    Lemons are grafted onto vigirous rootstock.

    This rootstock will form it own growth and will eventually overtake the grafted tree.

    It is best to deal with these 'suckers' when they are small. It is at this time they can be rubbed off with your fingers.
    If they are bigger trim them off as close to the stem as possible, but without damaging the trunk. Keep an eye on them as they might try to reshoot again.

    As for the thorns Daleys say the trees do have thorns so maybe they are new shoots, its a bit hard to tell by the photo where they are coming from. (

    I guess if in doubt trim the off. Hopes this helps - Emily

  2. Hello Mandy
    Poor Greg - thats not fair to make him wonder what will greet him when he gets home - I'd wait till then and show him in more detail and with great gusto. With a bit of luck he'll begin to think it was his idea after all lol